Our six predictions for 2018

1. Development is heating up again. We expect more growth in 2018 than has been in any of the previous 5 years. This past year saw significantly more growth than previous years. The lack of subcontractors (plumbing, electrical, block, etc) is one of the limiting factors on growth in Hernando County. When speaking with contractors, they are having to delay projects because they are not able to find subcontractors with availability in the near term. Many of the subcontractors are booked for months in the future. After the last housing crash, many of the subcontractors either found new careers or left the area.

2. The City of Brooksville has had significant budget struggles. One of the issues that has been brought up is that the Sheriff’s Office provides services that overlap with the city police department.

The taxpayers of Brooksville are paying for both the county and city for patrol and investigation services. There are several options that have been discussed.

One option was opting out of the county provided services, but this would most likely require the Sheriff’s Office to have their funding source changed to a Municipal Service Taxation Unit (MSTU), rather than being funded directly from the county.

The Sheriff opposes the MSTU and the political will to create an MSTU without the Sheriff’s blessing does not seem to exist. Another option would be to have the county provide the services for the city and for the city to stop providing these services. Even researching this option was quickly met with resistance from many Brooksville residents. T
hey felt that if Brooksville stopped providing these services, it would be only a matter of time until the city was no longer seen as necessary. Recall petitions were circulated, putting pressure on city council members to keep city police. It looks like next year the City of Brooksville will have another tough budget where they put off all but the most dire discretionary spending.

3. After the Florida Blueberry Festival plans fell through, the former Quarry Golf Course property was left in limbo. As part of the Florida Blueberry Festival plans it was intended to be a venue for events. These plans were complicated by the lawsuit filed by the former lessee of the Quarry Golf Course. The Quarry is home to a frisbee golf course. We do not foresee development of the Quarry until after the lawsuit from the former lessee is adjudicated, so we predict nothing will happen with it this year. The first step will be the passing of a master plan for the Quarry Golf Course which we do expect to happen this year.

4. The county government is working on the first major overhaul of the comprehensive plan, since 1990. It was not passed in 2017, because of some objections of business leaders. We expect only minor changes to the comprehensive plan in 2018, with these changes passing.

5. We do not expect Hernando County to be greatly affected by a hurricane in 2018. Last year, Hernando received a direct strike from Hurricane Irma.

This caused a major disruption in electrical service that lasted more than a week and flooding along the Withlacoochee which lasted more than a month. The previous year the coastal communities including Aripeka, Hernando Beach, Weeki Wachee, and Pine Island saw flooding levels from Hurricane Hermine that had not been seen since the No Name Storm of 1993. After two fairly active local hurricane years, we are optimistically predicting a quiet 2018.

6. Over the past couple of years, we have seen a number of new stores open their doors in Hernando.

We are predicting that one of the following retailers will make plans to open in Hernando County: Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods. The reason for this prediction is that we see these stores expanding their presence in the near future and we would love to have them. Costco is expanding out from the Tampa area with their new store in Wesley Chapel/Lutz. Aldi’s which is a cousin store to Trader Joe’s recently opened in Hernando County. Whole Foods was recently purchased by Amazon and this may lead to an expansion.