A New Cellular Service Project Fi

Project Fi is a new cell phone service from google. It only works with three Google Nexus phones, but hopefully it will lead to changes in the way the major cell phone companies operate. Its innovation is that it can call via either a mobile network or WIFI network and the result is seamless to the user.

Cell phone signals indoors have always been an issue with the mobile networks. Project Fi attempts to fix that by allowing you to use WIFI indoors or where its signal is stronger than their mobile network. There were devices that people purchased and placed in their house to boast the cellular signal in their house. These are not necessary with Project Fi.

Project Fi uses a combination of Sprint and T-Mobile’s network to provide mobile coverage. It is a google service, so it requires an invite. You can request an invite and it usually takes a week or two to receive your service.

The pricing is very reasonable for cell service at $20 per month for unlimited talk and texting, and $10 per gigabyte of data used. All unused data rolls over and you only pay for data used without an overage charges.

I have been using the service for 10 days and have only used a .1 gig. This is because most of my usage is over WIFI. The coverage area has been good although I did lose service in the Withlacoochee Forest area where I was trying to locate more of August Herwede’s dinosaurs. If you are looking for cell phone service Project Fi may be worth a look.

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