Hernando Sun Readers' Choice Marketing Opportunities

Make the most out of the exposure, the Readers' Choice competition will bring to your business.  The 2019 competition drew just under 80,000 votes.  Make sure your business stands out during the nomination and voting phases.  Nominations run between Feb. 29 and March 28. Voting will take place April 1 - May 15.  

Enhanced Listings $75

We are offering an enhanced listing on the ballot that links to your own voting page which you can share with your customers directly so that they can easily vote for you.

The image below is an example of an enhanced listing.

enhanced listing

In addition to an online listing that includes, phone number, brief description of your business, website and social media links, the enhanced listing will include a business card size ad on the print ballot when your category is run in the paper.

You may purchase an Enhanced Listing here:



Group Sponsorship $250

Group Banner Ad Example
Group Sponsor Banner Ad Example

For higher visibility, the prominent group sponsor advertiser spots are featured above all categories in a given group.  There is only one group sponsor per group. 

Group Ads are displayed above the Group Name at the top of each category page. For uploaded images, we recommend the 4:1 Billboard Ad Size for all ads (970 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall).  We are able to assist with ad design if needed.

Included in the price of a group sponsorship:

  • Online group banner ad above group categories
  • Enhanced listing on the online ballot
  • 1/8 page print banner ad on the ballot when the specified group is run in the newspaper.  The 1/8 page ad is 9.88" wide by 2.7" tall.