Right on Red Ordinance Change in City of Brooksville

by Julie Maglio

BROOKSVILLE- Brooksville City Council Members voted to approve the first reading of an ordinance that redefines “careful and prudent” in regards to right hand turns on red. During February's regularly scheduled council meeting, council members voted to not renew the Sensys red light camera contract and consider a new definition of “careful and prudent” in regards to rights on red. Currently the ordinance defines “careful and prudent” as making a right hand turn at less than 5 mph. The new ordinance pending a final approval of the council after a second reading will establish “careful and prudent” as operating a vehicle making a right hand turn at less than 10 miles per hour with an error rate allowance.

Cliff Taylor Assistant City Attorney of Brooksville and Attorney with Hogan Law Firm stated,
“One thing that I have been able to discern is that careful and prudent is not a term that the driver gets to define. It's something that you as a policy making body has to decide.” He mentioned that the council needs to consider factors such as pedestrians and any kind of hazards. He also cited a DOT study that determined a right turn at greater than 10 mph is unsafe. He recommended allowing for an error rate of plus or minus 1 mile per hour based on the accuracy of the Sensys Doppler equipment. Thus if careful and prudent is defined at 10 mph, then violation enforcement should occur for speeds captured over 11 miles per hour.

The ordinance amendment passed 5-0 on the first reading. The second reading for ordinance number 758-B is set for March 16, 2015.

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