Rocco Maglio

The Brooksville Raid's "Fighting Parson"

Hernando Sun Writer

This year marks the 39th Annual Brooksville Raid reenactment. The raid commemorates the  1864 Civil War raid of the Hernando County area by the Union army. The purpose of the Brooksville Raid was to disrupt the supplies that were coming from the region to support the Confederate army. Some of the targets of the raid were local cattle herds, crops, and a salt works.The raid did not burn the major settlements, but the homes of prominent citizens were burned and their crops and cattle were taken.

New Year's Eve Tangerine Drop

The Tangerine Drop on New Year's Eve was a well known Hernando County event. A fiberglass tangerine was dropped at the Jerome Brown Community Center. The last time the tangerine was dropped was the 2008-2009 New Year.

Wayne Vutech, the Tangerine Drop committee chairman in an article at the time said the event ended because of diminishing funds and a lack of volunteers. He recently said that he would be amenable to restarting the event if volunteers and sponsors could be found.

Looking back on the major stories of 2018

City of Brooksville disbands police department

On March 5, 2018 the City of Brooksville voted to seek an Interlocal Agreement with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office. This effectively disbanded the Brooksville Police Department. The Sheriff’s Office started providing law enforcement services to the city on June 1, 2018. Nine officers of the former Brooksville Police Department (BPD) were sworn in as Hernando County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) deputies on June 1, 2018.

Cracovia Deli and Market is open, Restaurant is coming soon

SPRING HILL- The long awaited opening of Cracovia's Deli and Market happened Wednesday, Dec. 19, 2018 at 8am. Cracovia is located on US 19 in front of the Town Square Mall. The restaurant is not open yet, but they are hoping to open it around Christmas.

The Deli and Market is closed Monday and open 8am to 7pm the rest of the week. The Deli and Market carries borscht, sauerkraut soup, stuffed cabbage, bread, assorted sausages, perogies, and many other polish favorites. They are not currently serving sandwiches or ready made meals at the Deli and Market.