Rocco Maglio

Wintering in Brooksville: American White Pelicans

For over a week, Johnson Pond in Brooksville has been home to a flock of American White Pelicans. Johnson Pond is located north of Lake Lindsey Road near where it crosses US Highway 98.

The American White Pelicans generally winter on the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico coasts. Florida's Gulf Coast is a popular destination for their winter home. They are rarely found on the beach instead they are often found in estuaries and lakes.  The American White Pelicans are one of the largest flying birds in the area: about the size of a goose. They can grow to have a 9-foot wingspan. 

Aripeka Stone Crab Company: Mermaid and Captain Venture

In the small fishing Village of Aripeka there is a great source of fresh and frozen stone crabs along with other seafood. The Aripeka Stone Crab Company was started in 1985 and their store is located just before the bridge to Norfleet Bait & Tackle. The Aripeka Stone Crab Company is also a commercial stone crab fishing operation, so the stone crabs do not come any fresher.

Fact Check: Did Rep. Ingoglia influence Wellington Covid-19 Vaccine pick?

The Hernando Sun rates this claim as false. It was implied without evidence and following up with the Health Department Public Information Officer, she categorically denied the insinuation. 

A recent article was published in the Tampa Bay Times on the Wellington at Seven Hills development being chosen to provide the COVID-19 vaccine and an article excerpt is below. Ms. Swanson, a 76 year old Spring Hill resident, spoke to the Tampa Bay Times reporter and is quoted in the excerpt.

Fact Check: 2020 Lie of the Year

The 2020 lie of the year was that more than 50 former senior US intelligence officials signed onto a letter claiming that the story about Hunter Biden's laptop and emails implying Joe Biden's influence-peddling was Russian disinformation. When the New York Post broke the story of the Hunter Biden laptop and emails which implied influence-peddling on the part of Joe Biden while Vice President,  a letter was circulated that was signed by more than 50 former senior intelligence officials.

Who were the McKethans?

There are a number of parks, roads, and features named for the McKethans. In Hernando there is McKethan Lake, Alfred McKethan / Pine Island Park, Bud McKethan Park, and Alfred A. McKethan Library at PHSC North Campus.

At the University of Florida, the home of the baseball team is Alfred A. McKethan Stadium. McKethan Stadium is located on the university's Gainesville, Florida campus.

Who were the McKethans and why are so many things named after them? To understand the McKethan importance to the area, you could trace some of their prominent ancestors.