Rocco Maglio

From a Garden to Frazier Farms

Frazier Farms' sweet corn is one of the special benefits of living in Hernando County. If you have not had Frazier Farms' sweet corn, you have not had corn. The corn is sold as it is picked at their barn, so the corn is at the optimal sweetness. Many times the corn is picked the morning that it is sold. Otherwise, it is picked and placed in a refrigerator to maintain its farm-fresh taste.

2019 Brooksville Blueberry Festival is growing

The Second annual Brooksville Blueberry Festival was held this weekend, it was a smashing success. The Florida Blueberry festival left Brooksville in 2017 and many residents felt that they had lost something. John Lee of Coney Island and a group of dedicated people set out and created a local Blueberry Festival to replace the festival that had left Brooksville.

2019 Law Day theme: “Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society”

On May 1, 1958, President Dwight D. Eisenhower proclaimed Law Day to be celebrated on May 1 of each year. The American Bar Association chooses a theme to highlight an important issue in our legal system. This year's Law Day theme is Free Speech, Free Press, Free Society. Co-Founder of the Hernando Sun, Rocco Maglio was asked to be the keynote speaker of the Law Day Dinner at the Hernando County Bar Association.  These are some of the ideas that he spoke about.

'Fact Checks' are Dividing Us

The idea of fact-checking statements and claims by political figures is great in theory. However, in practice, the fact checks are dividing us. The fact checks are similar to arguments made by lawyers that leave out contrary information to make their point. Rarely does a fact check explore the opposing argument. This means that partisans on either side are constantly being told by sources they trust that the other side is lying.

Spec house to help fund Nature Coast Builders Association


One of the houses featured in the 2019 Nature Coast Builders Association (NCBA) Parade of Homes is a spec house built by NCBA. The sale of this home will help to fund the Nature Coast Builders Association. 

The spec house was built by members of the association and some non-members under the management of Joe Mazzucco of Royal Coachman Homes. Pro-Line Tile donated the tile for the home, while the cabinets were donated by Cabinets Etc. Many of the other contributors donated time or provided a discount on their services.