Rocco Maglio

Facebook Group Kerfuffle

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WMNF 88.5 an non-commercial, community station which carries NPR in Tampa wrote an article and shared screenshots of posts to a private Facebook group called 'Defend Hernando County' that they categorized as "overtly racist and incendiary calls for violence."
They only shared the partial posts and all usernames were blocked out.
The first partial post started with:

Tech Talk: Google Broke the Internet’s News

Google is known as a search engine, but that is not where they derive most of their revenue. Their business relies on selling ads. Google figured out how to auction ads on the Internet and became one of the most valuable companies in the world based on their ability to broker the sales of ads. They used the metric of impressions or the number of people who viewed the page with the ad to price ads. Each impression costs a small amount, but they quickly add up. By auctioning these small chunks it enabled them to sell the same ad to many people.

The Ever Changing Landscape of Hernando County Newspapers

Over the five and half years that the Hernando Sun has been in existence the newspaper scene has changed tremendously. We went from two regional newspapers to a single regional. The Tampa Bay Times purchased the Tampa Tribune and shut it down. Several newspapers have come and gone during that time including a semi-regional conservative newspaper, The Suncoast Standard. 

Focus on the Flowers

In times of crisis, we often find strength as a nation. Neighbors helping neighbors. We do what we can, and we focus on what we can do to help others. We may go shopping for friends who are scared to go out.

Currently, we are too focused on what others are doing or not doing. The college spring breakers are ignoring social distancing. That person is touching their face. Why are you going to the park? We are focusing on the wrong things. We are focused on finding blame with everyone. We are all aghast. We seem to be growing apart rather than coming together.

Jeff Stabins was a Unique Local Politician

Louis “Jeff” Stabins was a unique local politician. He enjoyed being different. He would wear outfits that were sure to be noticed. He was well known for wearing a bright green jacket. 

Jeff recently made a splash running for President of the United States with the slogan "Make America Good Again." He traveled around the country in an RV painted with the slogan.