Sarah Nachin

A “Hidden Gem” Features Local Comedy Magician

They say that “laughter is the best medicine.” Well, if you want a good dose of this remedy, you can find it just forty minutes from Spring Hill down U.S. 19. The Comedy Hall of Fame Museum, housed in a multi-story office building in Holiday is home to more than 800 exhibits containing innumerable pieces of memorabilia highlighting the history of comedy – from the ancient Greeks and Romans to today’s most popular funny people. These include photographs, posters, sound recordings and an old radio.

Eight is not Enough (Part 1 of 2)

Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s there was a program on TV called “Eight is Enough.” Generation X’ers will probably remember the show. It was based on the true story of a journalist and his wife who were raising eight children. “The Brady Bunch” and “The Partridge Family” were other TV shows that focused on large families. Each of these half-hour sitcoms idealized the trials and rewards of raising a lot of children.

Local Filmmaker and Poet to Study at Yale University

Our graduating seniors are facing some of the most important questions and decisions of their young lives. What do I do after I graduate? Do I try to find a job? Do I take a break from school and work and just kick back and relax for a while? Do I go to a vocational school or a college and if so what school or schools should I apply to? Will I get accepted at the school I want to attend?

Parents and Students Adjust to Virtual Learning

Virtual schooling has been a new and challenging experience for most students, parents and teachers. It was born out of necessity due to the coronavirus quarantine. The system was put into place very quickly and, with anything innovative, there have been some glitches along the way. However, for the most part, everyone involved has adapted to online schooling.

Local Organizations Help Our Heroes Cope with COVID-19

Citizens in our community, our country and throughout the world have been coping with the psychological, physical and economic effects of COVID-19 for the past two months or more. For veterans and first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress, the struggle is even greater. Two local non-profit organizations have stepped up to the challenge to assist veterans in overcoming the additional stresses of COVID-19. 

Virtual Schooling – A Whole New “Learning Curve”

Education has taken on a new look and feel since mandatory closure of schools took place three weeks ago. Teachers, school administrators, parents and students have stepped up to the challenges (technical and otherwise) of online classes. Teachers and administrators spent their one-week spring break learning how to use the software and preparing lessons for their classes. 

Tumbleweeds Garden Cultivates Fun and Skills

Nestled in a quiet spot off Neff Lake Road in Brooksville is The Arc Nature Coast’s Tumbleweeds Garden. It’s a labor of love for the volunteers, staff and the clients. Up to twelve clients work at a time on a rotating basis tending the garden, which produces an abundance of fruit and vegetables. The organization received funding for the garden through a grant from the Hernando County Health Department and the University of Florida IFAS Extension Service.