Sarah Nachin

Local Citizens Join Together to Clean up Historic Cemetery

Drivers traveling east on Ft. Dade Avenue can easily overlook the beautiful tree-shaded Spring Hill African-American cemetery that sits off the road. However, if you stop to look, you’ll see a large assortment of graves, some dating back to the early 1900s. Unfortunately, the cemetery has been vandalized numerous times over the past decades. The vandalism has included garbage dumping, desecration of graves and bones removed and theft of an American flag and flag pole.   

A Trip Back Fifty-One Years

World War II has been over for twenty-four years, but another war is raging in Viet Nam. The space race has been launched, resulting in Americans landing on the moon. Three prominent American figures have been assassinated – President John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Robert Kennedy. The Civil Rights Act has been signed into law and the War on Poverty has started. 

Apologies at the Brooksville City Council Meeting


On Monday evening, October 5, the Brooksville City Council conducted a virtual meeting. Present were all five council members - Mayor Joe Bernardini, Vice Mayor Pat Brayton, Robert Battista, William Kemerer, Betty Erhard; City Clerk Jennifer Battista, City Manager Mark Kutney, and City Attorney Gretchen Vose. The meeting addressed several items on the agenda. 

Courthouse Prayer Service

On Wednesday evening, September 16, more than 300 people gathered in downtown Brooksville for a UNITED Courthouse Prayer Night. The event, spearheaded by Youth Pastor Chris Fullam from Grace World Outreach Church and his wife Analysa, was organized by United Youth Hernando. This inter-denominational group is made up of young people and youth pastors of various faiths. 

9/11 Attacks Bring Back Memories of Pearl Harbor

For members of the “Greatest Generation” 9/11 brought back memories of another “day of infamy” - the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941. Two Hernando County residents were teenagers at the time. 

Angelo [he is only identified by his first name to protect his privacy] is a 93-year-old World War II army veteran. He was 14 years old, living in Chicago at the time, and heard the news of the Japanese attack over the radio. 

Back to School 2020 Interview with a Teacher: MARIA KRETSCHMAR

Maria Kretschmar is a third-year Intensive Reading teacher at Fox Chapel Middle School (FCMS). After a life-long career in publishing, she decided to change professions and has found her new calling to be very rewarding. 
Hernando Sun: 
What are the major differences between teaching this year, so far, and teaching the last semester of school in April - May of this year?