Getting Where You Need To Be

BROOKSVILLE, Fla.-- It has been over a month since any lights shined on the baseball fields. Hernando High first baseman Steven Taylor said... “It’s a mix between sadness and anger. Baseball has been my life, and for me to work as hard as I have to get to where I am and for it to basically be stripped away from me at the end, it just sucks. It broke my heart when my mom told me the news.”

Buccaneers re-sign backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert

By Andy Villamarzo 
Hernando Sun sports writer 

TAMPA- The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have solidified who their backup quarterback for Tom Brady will be and no, it’s not Jameis Winston. 

On Thursday, the Buccaneers announced that they have re-signed backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert to a one-year deal, per NFL insider Ian Rapoport. The deal confirms that the Buccaneers are in fact bringing back Gabbert as the club’s backup for a second straight season. Gabbert spent most of 2019 on the injury list.