State run media in panic mode

It is dawning on the “elite media” that they have lost the power and influence to control the future implementation of the progressive agenda. President elect Trump bypassed them through his rallies in front of large crowds and his direct tweets. He has even gone as far as to suggest that there will be a change in the sacred White House daily briefings. Not maintaining the present seating arrangement for the elite press members seems to be an intolerable affront to their egos. This treatment of the media by Trump’s use of social media is the same as Obama’s used to get around the media but then it was not an issue. They are having a conniption in full view of the American people.

The election results were so devastating to these entitled intellectuals that they had become the latest and greatest victims of our modern age. These “smuggers” of the 4th Estate are becoming hysterical and frightened humans. Most are scattering in every direction to attack anyone and everything that may have caused this “catastrophe.”

Most progressive pundits still cannot even accept the fact that Trump won the election. Hypothetical, nonfactual propositions that Putin, the FBI and Wikileaks were the unconvincing arguments given for Hillary’s loss. When they realized this was not working they turned instead towards a frontal attack on the Electoral College. They were under the illusion that somehow they hoped it could flip a sufficient number of elector’s votes in order to deny Trump his victory. This “Trumped Up” non-story was just another pipe dream to alter the people’s voice.

The next attempt to delegitimize Trump’s election was the story that Putin directed his intelligence agencies to hack into the Democrat Party and influence a Trump victory. The elite media incessantly repeated all the national intelligence agencies agreed Russia was behind the hacking. This allegation was presented as an unassailable fact, which has started to fall apart, again showing the elite media as a shill of the Democrats.

These irrational leftist pundits are the same ones who adamantly insisted that Mr. Trump had no feasible pathway to the White House. These “supposed seekers of the truth “ failed to mention that the polls were significantly and favorably skewed towards the Democrats. They failed to report the massive enthusiasm for Trump’s, “Make America Great Again” campaign, which was a factor not taken into the election equation. As advocates for the progressive movement they were shielding and singing the praises of a flawed and most pathetic Democrat presidential candidate ever. The “in-your-face” bias of the state media was front and center for all citizens to view.

The elite media’s response for being outright shills for the Democrats was their direct assault on the alternate media and anything Mr. Trump would do and propose. They even went so far as to arrogantly dictate what the President Elect should do to meet their status quo “good practices.” The demeaning, mocking and ridiculing of the Conservative opposition are the latest losing strategy to regain their power and credibility. They are dividing the country when they constantly say they want to unite it. Although they are the creators and crusaders for “fake news,” they decided to try to brand the alternative media as the culprits of made-up news.

The fake media doubling down on annihilating any alternative viewpoint is offensive and obnoxious to any thinking person. Now they have the audacity to suggest that certain progressive sites should be the arbitrators of false or true news. These “paragons of virtue” who claim they want to preserve our “Democracy” (it is a Republic) failed to mention these “fact checking” sites would merely rubber stamp everything the establishment media says is the truth and anything the opposition states as false. “Fact checks” are not about black and white issues; instead they are subjective speculations on the manner the event unfolded and its implications.

This pathetic ruse of assigning their own brethren, to be “gatekeepers of truth or falsehood” shows the disrespect they have for US citizens. They named established progressive media sites such as Politifact of the St. Pete Times, an ultra liberal newspaper, Snopes, ABC News where the head of investigative news, Brian Ross is infamously known for exposing only Republican members and giving the Democrats a pass in the DC Madame scandal. CBS News conglomerate president, David Rhodes, whose brother, Ben Rhodes is a Deputy White House National Security Advisor in the Obama administration again demonstrates the incestuous relationship between the Obama administration and the progressive media.

The “fake news” label cannot be easily switched from the elite progressive news providers since their modus operandi for decades has been confirmed by their hysterical accusations, Wikileaks and actions after the election. The cat is out of the bag. The state media has been wrong and inaccurate in the presentation of their narrative on so many issues that many citizens can no longer be counted on as simply “sheeple.” The silent American people have shouted they want to be heard.

The progressive elite media has many reasons to be distressed. The people voted them out after turning to the alternative media news. For the first time in decades there are multiple interpretations of events. The elites have new eyes looking over their shoulders to give another perspective and cogent point of view. The days of the state media monopoly is over. The fact-check gimmick is too late. It is not going to work. The public has seen the deception and will not easily be deceived again. The genie is out of the bottle and cannot be squeezed back in no matter what method they use.

Lying has historically gone on forever in the political arena. Fact checking should happen but not by the media elites. As President Thomas Jefferson noted in his political experience, false statements cannot be stopped by a decree limiting free speech and a free press. The ultimate fact checking is the duty of the citizenry. The truth is determined by the people’s judgment. The hardworking people of America as a large group are smarter than a small group of Washington, DC elites. The elites frantically continue to repeat their failed strategies and agenda. The state run media has every reason to be in a panic. American people have won the election. The progressive establishment lost.

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