State Representative District 35 Candidate Statements

Candidate Statements are provided by the candidate or candidate's representative. The candidates were asked to adhere to a word limit of 400.

Ramon Gutierrez (D)

I wholeheartedly appreciate this country and the freedom and opportunities it provides.

I’m proud to be an American!

Ramon Gutierrez (D), State Rep District 35 candidate

My goal is to represent all of the citizens, not a select few. It’s about the people, NOT the party. I was born in Cuba and have seen how cronyism, oppression and complacency can destroy families and a country. I’ve lived in Hernando County 30 Years. I’m Christian and I’ve been married 42 years. I have 2 daughters and 6 granddaughters. My daughters both graduated from Hernando High. What about the people? JFK had the right idea when he said to ask what you can do for your country. Leaders need to lead. I want to make the people the priority.

We need insurance reform. The sky rocketing cost of insurance is eating our income. Florida needs to change from a No Fault state to an At Fault State (so the at fault party pays). Insurance companies should no longer be allowed to be selective in coverages, and we need to allow Citizens to offer all coverages so the rates stay competitive.

I’m against fracking. House Bill 19 authorizes hydraulic fracking. This is a process where millions of gallons of water are injected into the earth with cancer-causing chemicals to extract oil and gas. In some states methane has gotten into the aquifers. It’s your health and the welfare of our children on the line. On July 22, 2016, the Miami Herald posted an article in which the DEP, Department of Environmental Protection, is allowing a higher level of toxic chemicals into our water supplies.

Educate yourselves and learn what you might be drinking soon! Read the articles in the Miami Herald, starting with “Regulators want to allow more toxic chemicals in Florida’s water,” from July 25, 2016, and “State of Florida wants to add more dangerous chemicals to our water,” from July 22, 2016.

I am for solar energy. Last year Hernando County paid a combined total 3.8 Million dollars for electricity to WREC and Duke Energy. Our public Schools paid 6.1 Million dollars for electricity. These funds could be used for Economic Development, infrastructure or as public needs.

I am against FSA Testing. This test is forced upon our children to grade them and their schools. Florida is paying 129.5 MILLION DOLLARS for a 3 year contract paid to (AIR), American Institute for Research. The emphasis is on passing a test, not learning. The schools that do not perform well get reduced funding. Hernando county is losing quality educators. That money would be better spent on the educators of our children and for programs to well round our future generation.

Blaise Ingoglia (R)

Mr. Ingoglia has not submitted a statement for publication.

Campaign Statistics

Ramon Gutierrez
Monetary Contributions: 2,005.00
Loans: 710.13
In Kind: 200.00
Expenditures: 3,158.76
Other: 346.13

Blaise Ingoglia
Monetary Contributions: 188,800.00
Loans: 0
In Kind: 12,182.98
Expenditures: 116,465.14
Other: 6,051.84