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Notes from the Museums - The March of Time

January brings the opportunity to take note of the passage of time with the end of an old year and the start of the new year. The clock strikes midnight and the year turns over. The modern home is likely to have digital clocks everywhere...on the kitchen range, the smart TV, the microwave, the computer and tablets, and the bedside nightstand. These clocks are lighted and silent. A trip through the May-Stringer House, however, will include the chance to look at timekeepers with beautifully decorated faces and sweeping dials.

"Lovely"- A Tribute to Women through the Ages

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

Sharon Balser,Hernando Historical Museum Docent.

"Lovely"- A Tribute to Women through the Ages

What used to be the nursery in the May Stringer House back in the late 1800’s is now dedicated to the Bill Rosst Special Exhibit Gallery.

“We change out what we had (previously displayed) and we are pertaining to more of the home itself. Our exhibits are going to be, hopefully more around the home interest and things of that nature,” Sharon Balser said. Sharon has been a Docent for the museum for about four years.