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The Mystery of the Hypnotized Vodouist


I am the type of person that would move mountains to find the truth even if it meant risking my life. Some people would describe me as nosy, snoopy, meddlesome, intrusive, or maybe even go as far as saying I am annoying. But I do not see it as that, I see myself as a liberator of the truth or a truth vigilante and may be a tad persistent at times. Still you have to go with what you’ve got. 

Cookin’ with Julie’s: Child Creative lunchbox recipe: Macaroni Muffins

Hello readers, it’s been awhile, but Julie’s Child is back for yet another delicious recipe.  Since kids are going back to school, here is a special recipe that is a treat for any lunchbox.  This week I will be describing to you how to make macaroni muffins. I apologize for the slight delay in sharing my recipe, I have been a tab bit busy lately. 


3 cups macaroni 

4 eggs

1 1\2 cheese

1\2 cup parsley 

1 tbsp italian seasonings  

Cooking spray

2 muffin pans (may not use all cups)

Pinch of salt