New York Governor's Brother Breaks Quarantine Rule

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On Monday April 20, Chris Cuomo, CNN anchor and younger brother to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that his 3 week long quarantine period had officially ended after having tested positive for COVID-19 and he was cleared by the CDC to end his quarantine period.

Chris Cuomo has been hosting his prime time CNN show from his basement while in quarantine, where he shared updates with viewers on his virus symptoms.  

His emergence, the National Review reports, was captured in a video posted to CNN’s website.

Making sense of the Hawaii Incoming Missile Alert

The alert sent out to everyone in Hawaii warning them that “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL” was apparently set out by a wrong button push. I doubt this means there was an actual button that sent out that alert. Most likely it was a computer program and the person thought that they were sending to a small group of testers.

New law lets government fight propaganda with propaganda

After this year’s election, a topic which has seen a lot of coverage is “fake news.” There were some stories that were shared that sounded plausible to some, but were not true. There was other information that was provided that was true, but may have been obtained by foreign powers.

Some in Congress reacted to this and thus we have the Portman-Murphy Counter-Propaganda Bill. The new law was built into the enormous $611 billion defense appropriations bill signed into law by President Obama on December 23, 2016.