Comprehensive Plan

Comp Plan Amendment and Rezoning Approved for Mixed-Use Development

Commissioners at the October 13, 2020 Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting voted unanimously to approve a small scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPAM 20-03) to change the Future Land Use Map (FLUM) from Residential to Commercial on 9 acres on the north side of County Line Road, 1500 feet west of Oak Chase Boulevard.

A “small scale Comprehensive Plan Amendment” is one that is able to be adopted during the regular meeting and transmitted to the state shortly thereafter.   

Critique of the Draft 2040 Comprehensive Plan Part 5: Our Past, Present and Future

In 2011, the Florida Legislature and Governor Rick Scott gave the people of our state a priceless treasure. They abolished the Department of Community Affairs, dropped many of the state mandates, and returned local control of planning to each local community. The State Statute is 163.3161: County Organization and Intergovernmental Relations also known as the “Community Planning Act.” In essence, the state turned over planning to local government. They ended a 30 year “Smart Growth “ mandate.