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Get to know us: Sue Quigley

Sue Quigley is a soft spoken, low-key individual with a keen eye for design and a flair for the written word. She hails from Scotland in an area known as the ‘Gateway to the Highlands.’ The village in which she spent her childhood is called Doune and is dominated by a 14th century castle. She describes the village as being “way out in the heather,” the nearest big city being Stirling in Perthshire — which also has its own famous castle, once the home of Mary Queen of Scots.

Get to know us: Melissa Fordyce

Melissa Fordyce is one of our earliest staff members. She joined The Hernando Sun in 2015, covering local events and interesting places to visit. Melissa has been writing poetry and short stories since the age of 13.

A mom to four boys ranging in age from 22 to 8, her life is very busy, but she manages motherhood, a 16-year career processing insurance claims, homeschooling one of her boys and writing for the paper.

Get to know us: Julie B. Maglio

Julie and her son Max on a hike

by Rocco Maglio
[email protected]

Julie B. Maglio is not just the editor of the Hernando Sun. She also owns and publishes the paper. She has learned the newspaper business on the job and is becoming very knowledgeable on full truck ads, above the fold, and all things related to the business.

Julie is from a family of artists and is pretty accomplished as a large oils and mixed media painter. Her artistic talents were displayed in some of the earlier papers in the form of cartoons, but currently are only displayed in portions of the layout and some of the ads.