Atonement, God’s Love Key to Faith

The Covid-19 virus has forced the modernization of three of the most populous ancient religions. The extent of the change will be the most evident so far in Judaism, the oldest of the faith groups which trace their origins to the Biblical patriarch Abraham, when the Jewish High Holy Days begin at sundown Friday (Sept. 18).

Even the shofar (a hollowed-out ram’s horn played something like a bugle) will be wearing a mask during the traditional Rosh Hashana (New Year) service in many synagogues usually crowded with among the largest number of worshipers of the year.

Fact Check: Are Hernando County taxes going up or down?

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Fact checks can be difficult as there are often valid arguments supporting different assessments. It often comes down to from whose perspective you look at the issue. If you look at it from a certain taxpayer, the average taxpayer, or the county budget you will receive different answers. It is further muddled by ad valorem taxes only being a third of the revenues that the county receives.

9/11 Attacks Bring Back Memories of Pearl Harbor

For members of the “Greatest Generation” 9/11 brought back memories of another “day of infamy” - the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941. Two Hernando County residents were teenagers at the time. 

Angelo [he is only identified by his first name to protect his privacy] is a 93-year-old World War II army veteran. He was 14 years old, living in Chicago at the time, and heard the news of the Japanese attack over the radio.