Tampa: City of Champs

A month of Sundays came and went. Every night is a lunar eclipse.

Hell has frozen over.

To appreciate the significance of Tampa Bay's athletic accomplishments, one must go back 46 years to when we didn't even have any major teams.

In 1976 the Tampa Bay Buccaneers became our first major-league franchise. They were winless that year at 0-14 and piled up a record 0-26 mark before finishing 1977 with two upset victories.

Thunder Moon

It's almost dark. I look to the west after the sun sets and then I see it. Just the thinnest curve of silver in the sky. It's the beginning of a crescent moon and the start of another cycle of moon phases.  Each night the curve will get larger. Here it goes, heading toward a full circle and then back to nothing again. Every 29.5 days. That is how long it takes the moon to complete its cycle.  I've always liked looking for it in the sky. I can remember searching for it on dark nights when I put the chickens "to bed" back on the farm.

Learning to never say never

This title theme draws back from my last employment, and an emergency deployment.  The storm to prepare for was Hurricane Florence, set to hit the east coast between Virginia, and South Carolina.  During a previous deployment I had bought a ten speed bicycle for convenience.  Now concerning the Florence affair, our trucks were stationed in strategic supply points between the states.  My first few days had me parked in Virginia, about 20 miles South of Washington D.C.

Phasing plastic out of fashion

When people think of becoming more “sustainable,” common methods to achieve this include recycling bottles, boxes, cans, achieving zero waste, going paperless, and reusing when possible. Yet, there is a plastic pollution culprit hiding in plain sight: the fashion industry. Clothing production and distribution is one of the factors in plastic pollution and the output of carbon emissions today. 

A Rare Letter

Alex King, a Freshman at Frank W. Springstead High School, was Junior Varsity baseball starting catcher for the fall and spring seasons.  Called “AK 47” by his friends, who chant “Don’t run on these guns!” during a game, he also batted a .500, and was voted Captain of the 16U travel ball team with the Hernando Hitmen after excelling as catcher and outfielder.

OP-ED: Equity in Education: What We Were Not Told, What We Do Not Know

This article is to alleviate possible confusion regarding dates of approval and costs of two training projects, Equity in Education and Crucial Conversations, the Hernando County School District has approved and paid for.  While searching for information to clarify the dates of approval and the costs of the training projects, a Pandora’s Box of questions was released, relating to approvals, costs, and method of funding for training projects drenched in Critical Race Theory.