Husband and wife art duo

“Girl with the White Ribbon” by Becky Brooks.

Local artist Becky Brooks and her husband Alan share a mutual passion for art. The artistic duo are no strangers to the art scene and have an extensive portfolio of their many paintings and sketches, as well as airbrushing and digital works.

Having started with airbrushing over 40 years ago, Alan went on to produce album covers for the group Level 42 and their album “Chinese Way,” as well as “Retroglide.” Alan has produced an extensive amount of artwork, stage work, t-shirts, music-related projects, movie posters and celebrity portraits.

Native American Festival Draws crowds despite rain


Between twenty and twenty-five different tribes participated in the fifth annual Native American Festival celebrated Feb. 3 and 4, 2018. The event was held at Florida Classic Park. Participants traveled from all over the United States, Canada and even from as far away as South America and Mexico.

Paul DeLuna, one of the organizers of the festival, is of Apache heritage and hails from South Texas. He's a skilled artist who uses oil, acrylic and graphite pencil to create his artwork.

Hernando County Education Foundation Honors Best in the County

Traci Athanason - Hernando County's Teacher of the Year

With more than 1,600 teachers and administrators in Hernando County and an even greater number of support staff, it is indeed an honor to be chosen the best out of such a large group of dedicated individuals. Traci Athanason received that recognition as Hernando County Teacher of the Year. Donna Loughran was named School Related Employee of the Year. Both women exemplify the qualities that are important in working with students.

‘Spring Center’ project in early planning stages

Site plan submitted to county for Spring Center

On Sept. 20, 2017, the Hernando County Planning Department received an application and documentation describing a large-scale development project, which is to be called “Spring Center.”
The undeveloped land for the project consists of 440 acres beginning immediately west and south of Explorer K-8, extending west to River Road and south to Running Oak Court. The eastern-most border will run adjacent to Jason Road and Greynolds Avenue.

Rodeo: Dust and Blood

Photography by ALICE MARY HERDEN

Calf Roping was among some of the competitions held by the Professional Cowboy Association during the 3rd Annual Florida Agricultural and Wildlife Expo at the Brooksville Tampa Bay Airport in Brooksville.

The rodeo this year was a two day event held at the airport. The rodeo included bull riding, roping, barrel racing and several other feats of skill that cowboys developed on the job.

The calf roping was exciting. The calves kept avoiding the lasso and the riders had a tough day of it, as the calves were fast and kept avoiding the rope.

Space needs breakthrough for county

Finally a solution is in sight for the county's ongoing office space problem, affecting the 5th District Court, Public Defender, State Attorney, Constitutional Officers located at the Courthouse and the Tax Collector at the Westside Government Center. And the good news is: it won't cost $130 million — the figure provided by CGL a company hired by the county to conduct a space needs utilization assessment in 2016.

And They’re Off! 2018 Coyote Hare Scrambles

Photography by CHERYL CLANTON

Weekend fun for the whole family. Off-road motorcycles and ATV quads took to the tracks off Mondon Hill in Brooksville on Jan. 6, 2018.

“The Coyote Hare Scrambles have been going on for years at this location; it's one of the best tracks,” said Rob Swann with the Nature Coast Trail Blazers. “It challenges the riders with hills, turns, just about everything a rider will encounter is on this track.”

Our six predictions for 2018

1. Development is heating up again. We expect more growth in 2018 than has been in any of the previous 5 years. This past year saw significantly more growth than previous years. The lack of subcontractors (plumbing, electrical, block, etc) is one of the limiting factors on growth in Hernando County. When speaking with contractors, they are having to delay projects because they are not able to find subcontractors with availability in the near term. Many of the subcontractors are booked for months in the future.