BOCC Run Down

Matters at the Hernando BOCC meeting Aug. 13, 2019

People Matter

Presentation of Plaque in Memory of Utilities Department Employee Laverne “Verne” Dennison

Verne’s career began in 1986, when gas was $0.86 per gallon, and Ronald Regan was president.  His family was present to receive the honor.

Parks Matter

Notice of Acceptance From US Department of Treasury of RESTORE Act Direct Component Multi-Year Implementation Plan Amendment

What matters at the County Commission Meeting? 07.30.2019

Grants Matter

State grant for building department generator

Through this program, Hernando County will purchase and install a generator at the Building Department on Providence Boulevard which will help to ensure continuity of critical systems and operations in the event of a loss of power.
Brings in $160,558.50 from a federal cost share
Building department must match 25% or $53,519.50

Authorization for state firefighter assistance grant for SCBA gear and protective apparatus

March 26, 2019 Hernando BOCC run down

Hernando Sun Reporter


Bill Loomis continued a discussion of previous concerns regarding a frontage road in Ridge Manor. 

A Spring Hill resident spoke about loose trash littering roadways following trash collection.


County Administrator Garth Coller advised Loomis and the public in general that he cannot compel a commissioner to answer a question immediately when posed during Citizen’s Comments.

Feb. 26, 2019 Hernando BOCC meeting run down


Lucille Morano of Forest Oaks is still having difficulty with trash pickup. According to Morano, her trash was picked up at “the last commissioners meeting,” which was February 12, 2019.

Morano reported her weekly pick-up days to be Monday and Thursday.  Morano reports an incident when she called Republic Services about a missed pick-up, and was told Republic had no available trucks in the area, yet soon after the call, Morano reported seeing a Republic vehicle nearby.

Feb. 12, 2019 Hernando BOCC meeting run down


Lucille Morano addressed the Board of County Commissioners about garbage collection problems she’s been experiencing for the past six years.   Republic’s new automated collection has not remedied Morano’s issues.
Mary Ellen Urban presented a safety map for Ft. Dade Ave and Citrus Way, thanking Scott Herring for his response to her earlier request.  Urban also asked about red flags in the right-of-way along Ft. Dade Avenue.