Overnight Hernando Roadblock Crash

V-1 was traveling southbound in the outside lane of I-75 approaching the 295 milepost at which point the trailer that was being towed separated. D-1 successfully drove V-1 to a controlled stop on the shoulder of the interstate as the trailer continued southbound for another 166 feet, then rotated and overturned. The trailer then continued traveling southbound for another 215 feet before colliding with a guardrail and coming to final rest obstructing all lanes for several hours.

OPERATION P.E.D.S. (Pedestrian Education and Developing Safety)

LAKELAND, FL – On April 26th from 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM, FHP Troopers, Lakeland Police and FDOT Officials joined together to conduct Operation P.E.D.S. along the Memorial Boulevard corridor.

The pedestrian education and enforcement detail (P.E.D.S), has Troopers and Officers observing for pedestrian, bicycle and motorist violations that occur at or near intersections, in an effort to reduce pedestrian and cyclist-related traffic crashes.