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Chocachatti String Orchestra Inspires Young Children to Excel

Chocachatti Elementary School is a Center for the Arts which utilizes the Micro Society concept. The Micro program occurs three days a week for one hour in the afternoon. During this time every child from kindergarten through fifth grade goes to a “job.” They earn “money” that can be spent on various items or activities within the school and even have a “bank” in which to deposit their money. 

Chocachatti Third Graders Really “Dig” History

Don’t tell Chocachatti third graders that History is boring. They’ll most likely disagree with you. Thursday, February 27, the entire class put on a musical entitled “Dig It.” Directed by Drama teacher Irmarie Kraft, the play featured historical and mythological figures from ancient times. Ms. Nancy Kraus handled the music and Ms. Rhonda Bowers was the choreographer.