Thunder Moon

It's almost dark. I look to the west after the sun sets and then I see it. Just the thinnest curve of silver in the sky. It's the beginning of a crescent moon and the start of another cycle of moon phases.  Each night the curve will get larger. Here it goes, heading toward a full circle and then back to nothing again. Every 29.5 days. That is how long it takes the moon to complete its cycle.  I've always liked looking for it in the sky. I can remember searching for it on dark nights when I put the chickens "to bed" back on the farm.

The Myakka River

72 miles.  It makes quite a journey.  The Myakka River is not just a pretty body of water as it travels along.  It provides a home for all kinds of wildlife.  Its floodplain marshes are important and offer flood protection for surrounding communities.  Wide or shallow, the river moves south through three counties.  It starts in Manatee County, then moves south through Sarasota County, and finally to Charlotte County, where it meets the Gulf of Mexico.  Sarasota has declared it a Florida Wild and Scenic River and offered protection within its county bounda

Finding Fawns?

I’m seeing a lot of does with their spotted fawns following closely behind them.  A few times while out in the field this time of year, I’ve come across bedded fawns, seemingly all alone with no doe in sight.  As you head out to find your adventure in the woods and fields around our county, you may even come across one yourself.  Right now is the peak time for fawns to be born, so I urge you NOT to touch them.  There is a better than average chance it’s right where it’s supposed to be. 

Forgotten Coast Part 1

Camping in February!  What were we thinking?  But our friends wanted to go to north Florida so we were all for it.  Our destination was a small town called Carrabelle FL just east of Apalachicola.  I think I might have seen it in the blink of an eye on the way to Pensacola once.  It's a long part of the panhandle called "The Forgotten Coast," one of the last stretches of beautiful unspoiled beaches, and less developed.  It is not crowded with high rises or strip malls, just quiet towns along Hwy 98.  "The Forgotten Coast" to the east is noted by St.

Local Nature Findings at Fickett Hammock Preserve

I’ve been a resident of Hernando County my entire life. I moved away for a few years to attend college and since being back I’ve been shocked at the amount of nature preserves and hiking trails around the county that I had no idea existed. Aside from the Weeki Wachee Preserve, I had no knowledge of other protected wildlife areas in Hernando. From taking new ways to work and having the time to explore my town, I’ve come across some interesting places to check out! 

String Stretching Time

After my turkey season bout with Mister No-Shoulders, I’m healing quickly and part of my physical therapy has been suggested that I begin walking each day.  Well, I can’t argue with the Dr’s on that point, I need the exercise.  But rather than strut down the street, I think I’ll do all of my walking out on the archery range.  Only twenty-five rounds of thirty yard targets is nearly equivalent to an extra half of a mile and for a fat guy with a bum leg, that’s plenty to get me started.

All Roads Lead to Brooksville / Along Florida’s Adventure Coast: Bike Trails

The safe-way is always the best way, and will usually be first on one's list as we explore a serious bicycle route.  Florida Adventure Coast offers many tips along with an Adventure Coast Trail map to help you plan out your next adventure on two wheels.  Unbelievably, the trail corridors extend through three counties: Citrus, Hernando, and Pasco.