Swatting Skeeters and Piling up Porkers

And here we are, stuck in the seasonal doldrums; turkey season long behind us, yet deer season seemingly still so far away.  It’s the time of year when it’s just plain hot and hunting activities drop to a minimum amidst so many other sporting options.  However, for us die-hards committed to maintaining full freezers and keeping our edge out in the field, there are still a few options available to us that help fill in the time between the seasons.

Croaker Cravings

I had the good fortune of visiting some good friends last weekend for an offshore fishing trip, bringing some big sharks alongside the boat for CPR; catch, photograph and release.  An epic weekend, to say the least, with great friends, great fishing, pretty girls and aged bourbon, all of it capped off with a world class sunburn.  But, one event of the weekend did leave me mildly dissatisfied….  You see, my party stopped at a local Venice eatery and I was very happy to see that they had frog’s legs on the menu, but they really let me down.

New Appreciation for Old Skills

I find it fascinating, the number of new hunters, who have been reaching out to myself and other old-timers I know, looking for advice on how to hunt.  These days fewer and fewer of these new hunters are entering the sport for the “thrill of the hunt” or to begin collecting trophies from the wild.  But rather, they’re seeking to place a wedge between themselves and their family’s hunger.  Already, store shelves are far less stocked than we’ve become accustomed to and the meat markets are rationing their supplies.  Should the forecasted meat shortages cont

Walk on the Wild Side VI

As we begin the month of May with a few flowering vines, over the next three weeks blooms will start to fade. Summer wildflowers and orchids that were dormant over the Spring season will begin to emerge. Join us as we take you on our final journey discovering the remaining blooms for the Spring season in Hernando County.

A Beautiful Weekend for Pine Island Park to Reopen

PINE ISLAND-- At 8 am on Friday, May 1 a Hernando County Parks and Recreation employee pushed the button to open the motorized gate into Alfred McKethan/Pine Island Beach Park. On Tuesday April 28,  the Board of County Commission voted to reopen all of Hernando County’s parks and recreational areas to the public.

Diane Caputo and her friend, Maryann Cole, drove to Pine Island Park from Pasco County.

Parks, Beaches reopen, County moves forward cautiously

At the regularly scheduled Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting Tuesday, April 28, 2020 the board voted to extend the current state of emergency for an additional seven days as is required by Florida law.  They also voted to reopen parks and beach areas, such as Alfred McKethan Park and Pine Island.   Pine Island’s beach has been closed, however remained open to launch watercraft.  Both votes were unanimous.

Walk on the Wild Side IV

For our fourth section of wildflowers blooming in Hernando County, we take you to those wildflowers that thrive in sandy soils. Areas like the longleaf pine and sandhill habitats are perfect locales for these flowering plants. Just in time to show off their beautiful colors and provide an abundance of nectar for bees, butterflies and other pollinators. 


Last Chance to Bag Your Bird

Sadly, all things must come to an end, or so I’ve so often heard stated.  But, this Sunday at sunset, ends this year’s Spring Gobbler Season; and what a season it has been!  My clients and I have enjoyed some remarkable success and witnessed some amazing sunrises and lots of beautiful wildlife.  Wild turkeys have been abundant in each part of the state I’ve travelled to, but none more so than right here in my home county.

Walk on the Wild Side III

If you’re able to stretch your legs on a nice walk or bike ride, you may encounter some of these wildflowers that are blooming right here in Hernando County. 

Wildflowers give nature color as well as provide nectar for birds, bees, and butterflies but also an essential food source for animals and insects. We hope you enjoy and continue to follow us as we share with you our Spring Wildflower collection.