Find your favorite fishing spot

Florida is praised as one of the fishing capitals of the world. Here in Hernando County we have our own incredible fishing spots readily available. Jenkins Creek and Linda Pedersen Park are two scenic locations in Hernando Beach with fishing piers, trails, there's even playgrounds, pavilions, and picnic centers. Many places for you to catch some fish or set up some chairs and hangout for a while.

County pursues study for eco-tour boardwalk in Hernando Beach

The Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve funding for a feasibility study for the future of a Aquatic Preserve Eco Tour Boardwalk on Hernando Beach.  Funding of $65,000 will be made available through park impact fees.  County Attorney Garth Coller reported that this is an appropriate use of the park impact fees since it contributes to the area’s growth.  Commissioner Beth Narverud was absent from the meeting. 

The Big Shift

In the coming weeks, a giant shift will occur in the deer world.  Both food, and cover, will be changing which will surely affect the feeding and travel patterns amongst the herd.  Mostly though, amongst the buck population, physical changes are taking place.  The velvet they’ve worn, covering their antlers is now shed out and each buck is sporting brand spanking new antlers.  Along with that change, a major shift takes place in how these newly shed bucks interact with other deer.  

‘Shellabrate’ Turtle Day with our Favorite Florida Turtles and Tortoise

In 1990, Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson co-founded American Tortoise Rescue located in Malibu California. They also created World Turtle Day as a way to bring awareness to the public about turtles and tortoises. Turtle Day was celebrated last week on May 23.

“I have always been an animal person and always had a strong love for animals,” Tellem said.