Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor from Chocochatti Teacher

Hi Julie,

Thank you so much for offering your newspaper to the teachers of Hernando county. I enjoy reading your paper weekly, it gives valuable information for educators and parents. I also love the coverage your staff provides of the students around the county. Many of which once attended Chocachatti.

Rhonda Bowers
Dance Teacher
Chocachatti Elementary School for the Performing Arts and MicroSociety

Letter to the Editor: Thank You Veterans


Dear Veterans,

Thank you for your service! I am so thankful that you would risk your life for mine and many others. You had to give up your family to help protect our country. It makes me sick to see the Americans who step on the flag or even worse burn the flag. Also the people who kneeled for the national anthem. It is disgraceful to watch. The people who do that should be ashamed of themselves. The only thing that makes America great is having people willing to sacrifice everything to help protect our country. Thanks again for your service.

Letter to the Editor in Regards to Moton Elementary


I just finished reading your story "Teachers at Moton express concern" and truly find the comments made by both Gus Guadagnino and Lori Romano to be incredulous.

For the Superintendent to say she had felt blindsided about the truth is perplexing. Dr. Romano started many of the issues at Moton by denying requests from 2 former Principals asking for additional resources. One Principal, Mark Griffith, was removed in March 2016 as part of an investigation that surely appears to have been a witch hunt.

Letter to the Editor: Immature Press

by Melanie Pevensie

The press is like my sister's kindergarten class.They are like little kids teasing the candidate about immature things. If you do one thing wrong you're all over TV. For instance, Donald Trump sniffing at the debate. Big deal everyone gets nervous and does awkward things. They make fun of his hair. During the debate they made fun of Hillary and Donald. Wow I can not believe how immature people can be. Even my sixth grade class does better than that. Sometimes they don’t even give us the real news. Here are some attacks:

Letter to the Editor: County Budget

It was great to see the county commissioners held the line on the significant budget increase requested by the sheriff and to a lessor degree other segments of government. I don't mean to imply that some of these requests were not needed (but) I think all governments should seriously consider the impact their decisions have on the citizens they govern. Sure county and city employees could use a raise, maybe even deserve one, agency heads always need more workers but look at who is providing the necessary funding.

Letter to the Editor: You do not have to watch the NFL

Bob Leeman

The NFL players that choose to sit during the National Anthem are protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution from being arrested. I have not heard anyone call for the players that choose to protest the National Anthem to be arrested. However, The First Amendment does not protect the players from the NFL, a corporation.

Letter to the Editor: from Pat Miketinac

Thank you very much for the article in your paper about the Perry Oldenburg WEA. We have lived 3 miles from there for 36 years and didn't even know it was there, until we saw the legal notice for the management plan meeting. We distributed about 2 dozen copies of the notice to addresses near POWEA, but none of them responded. Shirley and I and a friend were the only people to attend from the general public. 4 others had vested interests in the area, such as hydrology, native plants, and hiking trails. There were at least 7 FWC representatives there.

Letter to the Editor from One Room Schoolhouse Director Gretchen Countryman

From the inception of the Hernando Sun , given to me by my friend Frasier Mountain, my husband and I have enjoyed reading your newspaper. We were so pleased when you decided to publish weekly. From history, sports,obits to current events we eagerly await each edition. Our favorite part, however, is the editorials written by Dr. Domenick Maglio who in addition to author is the founder of the Wider Horizons Montessori school.

Letter to the Editor: The Wired Bird

Dear Julie and Sue,

I just wanted to say thank you to the both of you for such a beautiful article on The Wired Bird. I was blown away that it was such a big article and I can never express how much it means to be featured in your paper. I absolutely love that you all are creating a local paper with news that matters and to think that my little business was important enough to be included is such an honor. Thank you again for all you do.

- Staci Lewis White, The Wired Bird