Countryman One Room Schoolhouse

Notes from the Museums

The Corona Virus has forced more family time at home. Even though we tend to be attached to the electronics of today, there has been a resurgence of entertainment with board games and simple toys.

Sometimes the games of the past were homemade, such as checkers made from corncobs. Dried cobs were sliced into about half-inch sections. Then half were painted red and half were painted black. Placed on a checkered wooden board, the game began.

State Grant for Historical Museum Association

A major state grant will help protect and preserve a veritable storehouse of county history--one that in itself has become a community landmark.

Since the 1970s, The Hernando Historical Museum Assoc., Inc. has kept the history, heirlooms and heritage of Hernando County alive through its maintenance and presentation of a trio of historical buildings; its extensive research and genealogical resources; and its presence at and presentation of community events.