Bridges over the Suwannee

In March we took a camping trip to White Springs, Fl.  This small town is near Live Oak and Lake City, about 150 miles north of Brooksville.  It is a straight shot north by car on I-75.  I wondered if 8 days was a bit too much in that area but was pleasantly surprised by what I could discover to do with a little online research.  I found several interesting bridges, now abandoned to cars, but open to foot or bicycle traffic.  They are still standing with beautiful views of the Suwannee and are a reminder of a simpler time when car travel was new and excit

Bok Tower: Nearly 100 years old and still looking good

Can you imagine being almost 100 years old and still looking good?  I am amazed that Bok Tower was dedicated back in 1929 when Calvin Coolidge was president of the United States!  I had a chance to visit the tower and gardens in Lake Wales.  It was mid-March, a perfect weather day, and the azaleas were at their peak.  However, it doesn't matter what time of year you visit because there will always be some color and something different to see.  Just the ponds and the tower are worth the drive!

The Wood Stork

The Wood Stork is a very strange looking bird found in Florida. The head lacks feathers, it has long thin legs, black/white feathers, and pinkish feet! Although unusual looking, I have developed a fondness for this most remarkable species of wading bird. The Wood Stork was on the brink of extinction. In the 1970s there were only 5,000 pairs recorded. Loss of wetland habitats and food base were primary factors in the sudden decline. In the everglades, nesting failure was also a contributor. In 2014, the U.S.

SHARKs! Changing Fear to Fascination

 As the brackish waters from the coastal edge of Hernando County flow ever so smoothly into the salty waters of the Gulf of Mexico, that transitional blend of life turns into an oasis of mysterious creatures. Unfortunately, the fear of what is living in the vast unknown such as sharks gets a bad reputation.

With just one glance of a shark’s sharp teeth, one must assume that these predators are actively searching for their next human meal. Many media sources have embellished this horror, thus furthering the misunderstanding of these fascinating fish.