SHARKs! Changing Fear to Fascination

 As the brackish waters from the coastal edge of Hernando County flow ever so smoothly into the salty waters of the Gulf of Mexico, that transitional blend of life turns into an oasis of mysterious creatures. Unfortunately, the fear of what is living in the vast unknown such as sharks gets a bad reputation.

With just one glance of a shark’s sharp teeth, one must assume that these predators are actively searching for their next human meal. Many media sources have embellished this horror, thus furthering the misunderstanding of these fascinating fish.

Kids: plant a garden for National Pollinator Week

Did you know having a garden is not only adding nature to your surroundings but can provide many insects and birds a substantial source of food?

June 17 through June 23 is National Pollinator Week, a great opportunity to learn about the many pollinating species and some fascinating facts.

So what is a pollinator?

A pollinator is simply an insect or other species that transfers pollen from one flowering plant to another.

Who are pollinators?

Hike at Lake Townsend Preserve

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

 View of the Withlacoochee River from the pier at Lake Townsen Park

This preserve and park would not be here if not for the dedication of people from Hernando County. It's a part of the Lake Townsend history that James King knows well.

King is Hernando County’s Environmentally Sensitive Lands Specialist and explained why this is the people’s park.

This was part of Colonel Robbins property at one time, and when the US Government bought it they declared it surplus, that way the county was able to purchase the property. The preserve is a conservation bordered by Lake Lindsey Road, Lingle Road, Osage Street and Daly Road.