Sue Quigley

Metals that just keep on giving

For many years, countries in Europe have been imposing fines on people who refuse to recycle. Sweden, in particular, is so good at recycling that it now imports rubbish from other countries to keep its recycling plants going. Scotland has installed machines that give money back for returning empty bottles and cans, safe in the knowledge that all items collected will be sent for recycling. And England is soon to follow.  

Some countries, however, have no penalties or incentives at all for recycling. 

Multi-million dollar expansion planned for Oak Hill Hospital


A new set of multi-million dollar projects totaling more than $78 million are on the horizon for Oak Hill Hospital by parent company HCA Healthcare of Nashville, Tennessee.  

Three major expansions plus a host of other infrastructure renovations are planned, firmly cementing Oak Hill Hospital’s aim to meet the medical needs of the residents in Hernando County and its surrounding communities.

Poultry and Pig Pin Ups

From professional tennis coach and European premier league football referee to local high school soccer coach and a successful poultry and pig breeder, Jonathan Stone leads a very busy and interesting life.

Jonathan, who hails from England, has a history of chicken breeding. He previously ran a show chicken company in the 90s in Kent, England so when he came to the US in 2011, he decided to make raising show birds his life’s calling and began breeding Silkies, originally in Tennessee.

A pocket of tranquility

It’s a beautiful sunny day and I’m sitting under a shady palm, book in hand, a cold drink in the other. There’s a gentle breeze coming off the blue-green water, and the soft chirping of sea birds is the only noise disturbing my afternoon reverie. 

I could almost be on a tiny South Seas island, hours away from civilization but in reality, I’m on a tiny, tiny piece of Florida called Palm Island. 

Palm Island is located about 9 miles south of Englewood, Florida, off the coast from Cape Haze. Not really an accurate name as it is made up of 4 interconnected islands.

Horse Heaven

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a horse and its owner and Kym and John Holzwart understand that more than anyone. The couple breed Spotted Saddle Horses and own the Spotted Dance Ranch in Brooksville.

Located near the Croom Tract of the Withlacoochee State Forest, close to exit 301 of I75 and Brooksville, the couple’s ranch is also the perfect getaway to stay with your horse and ride Croom’s more than 50 miles of horse trails. 

Touring on two wheels

I’ve been lucky enough to have enjoyed several Segway tours throughout Europe. From Rome to Berlin to Stockholm and now, here at home, in Tampa and St.Petersburg. It’s a whole load of fun once you suss out your equilibrium!

After seeing a great deal for tickets on Groupon, I took my daughter and granddaughter on a Magic Carpet Glide Segway Tour in Tampa.

What is a Segway, you ask? It’s a two-wheeled, self-balancing motorized personal vehicle with an upright handlebar. There’s a generous platform for your feet  and, once powered on, the Segway balances automatically.

Feng Shui? Therapy or Curse?

She called me at 4 a.m. in tears and babbling on that her new sofa had just been delivered and was 1” too long.


In between her sobs and shrieks of “what am I going to do?” I finally figured out the gorgeous new sofa she had waited for weeks to be delivered was about to annihilate her carefully engineered Feng Shui.

Longtime friend, Cassie, who lives in London, tends to be a bit emotional when things don’t go as planned. She morphed into a Feng Shui fruitcake after meeting an alleged guru on the subject a few years ago.

Three buses looking for tender love and care

Every year, the Boys & Girls Club of Hernando County, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, opens it doors to over 1,300 children to provide a safe haven during out-of-school time and over the summer.

In order to provide a variety of educational enrichment activities, including field trips and fun in a positive environment while learning new skills, the organization uses three donated school buses to transport students to and fro.