West Side Elementary

Show Us Your Sunshine: Tiger Times

When folks discover their artistic passions and pursuits early in life, then their lives are never short of sunshine. And even during the darkest of days, it is this shine that brings the light.

This spring, the staff of a local newspaper has published their debut edition remotely; proving the edict that, regardless of the problems and travails of the day, the press must go on, the paper must go out, the news must be delivered. Furthermore, this particular staff learned this lesson before graduation--not from journalism school, but from elementary school.

Ann Scott, wife of Governor Rick Scott, reads to students at West Side Elementary School

Mrs. Scott Reads to Kindergarten Class at West Side Elementary

Mrs. Ann Scott the wife of Florida Governor Rick Scott visited Westside Elementary on the morning of April 13th to read stories to the young students. Mrs. Crisci and Ms. Tilton's kindergarten class anxiously awaited Florida's first lady, while she read "Gaston" and "How Full Is Your Bucket?" to Mrs. Addie's second grade class nearby.