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Tech Talk: Google Broke the Internet’s News

Google is known as a search engine, but that is not where they derive most of their revenue. Their business relies on selling ads. Google figured out how to auction ads on the Internet and became one of the most valuable companies in the world based on their ability to broker the sales of ads. They used the metric of impressions or the number of people who viewed the page with the ad to price ads. Each impression costs a small amount, but they quickly add up. By auctioning these small chunks it enabled them to sell the same ad to many people.

Tech Talk: Software Company Punished for Pushing Opioids

Medical Software Firm Practice Fusion recently was found to have engaged in unseemly behavior. Practice Fusion provides software for electronic medical records. Their software is used by many medical practices. Practice Fusion allowed an opioid company massage the wording of the clinical decision pop-ups that appear on the screen for doctors suggesting what medicines to prescribe. Practice Fusion was causing doctors to prescribe higher doses and higher quantities of opioid drugs.

Ransomware: The hostage taking virus

Article by Aaron Cleveland, 
Wilson Technologies
460,000 Dollars. That’s how much money Lake City, FL just paid out to get their files back. Files that were previously accessible to them were now being held for ransom by bad actors. Files that contained the entire city’s records for the 12,000 people that live there.  Files that are more than likely considered irreplaceable to the city are held hostage for a sum of money that would be of much better use elsewhere. 

Tech Talk: Remote locks provide added security in home health industry

By ROCCO MAGLIO, Cybersecurity Professional   

A common problem is giving someone access to your home. A hidden key is a common and very insecure solution to this problem. Many homes are broken into with the key that is under the mat or in a potted plant. Another solution to the problem is a lock box that contains the key. Once someone knows the combination to the lock box they can come to the house and get the key.