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Bluegrass, an American International Sound

Bluegrass music is a type of music formed in the Appalachian mountains that date back to the 1800s from immigrants that came to America bringing instruments with them like the violin, mandolin, and banjo. Pioneers from England, Scotland, and Ireland influenced bluegrass with their ballads and dance tunes. The African slave trade influenced bluegrass with their banjo and traditional African-American blues and jazz. Bluegrass music is mostly all acoustic using banjos, fiddles, guitars, and bass.

Education Briefs Dec. 18, 2020 / Springstead High School Graduate Selected for Scholarship for Future Teachers


SPRING HILL/ST. LEO – Laela Ouellette, a 2018 graduate of Springstead High School in Spring Hill, Hernando County, has been named the first ACES (Awarding Career Educators in STEM) Scholar at Saint Leo University. Ouellette, now 20, is a junior at Saint Leo, majoring in biology with a minor in secondary education.

John Carbone will represent Hernando County at State Cross Country Championship

Central's John Carbone has a passion for cross country. He started running competitively in the 6th grade running track. Now he runs cross country for the Central Bears. Coaches Jeremy Woolcock and Patricia Greenwood helped Carbone improve his running performance. They stated he has the heart to run and all they had to do was give him a few tips and tricks and he was off. 

Election Results

President of the United States

Donald J. Trump (REP) 64.68% 69,640

Joseph R. Biden (DEM) 34.25% 36,875

Jo Jorgensen (LPF) 0.61% 656

Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente (REF) 0.06% 60

Gloria La Riva (PSL) 0.04% 42

Howie Hawkins (GRE) 0.13% 142

Don Blankenship (CPF) 0.04% 38

Write-in 0.21% 223

Total Votes in Hernando: 107,676


Representative in Congress, District 11

* Daniel Webster (REP) 64.92% 68,162

Dana Marie Cottrell (DEM) 35.08% 36,838

Major Robbins Graduates From Civil Air Chaplain Corps Regional Staff College

From the local US Air Force Hernando County Composite Squadron, Major Vernie Robbins,  graduated from the US Air Force Civil Air Chaplain Corps Regional Staff College in August 2020, which was conducted online, due to the COVID 19 virus. 118 individuals that graduated out of 200, came from across the United States, Puerto Rico, Germany, and Japan.