Google versus Oracle: Supreme Court Decides copying APIs is Fair Use

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court voted 6-2 that copying application programming interfaces (APIs) is fair use. APIs are the names of the methods and what types of information they are passed. In 2010, Oracle had sued Google for copying the APIs for the Java Programming language when they created the Android Programming Language.

IT training program for residents affected by COVID-19

Several local agencies have partnered with an organization called Innovation Collective which has established a workforce development program called Workforce Entrepreneurship Research and Community (WERC).  Partners include Pasco Hernando State College, University of Florida IFAS, Hernando County, and Let’s Grow Hernando Foundation.

FBI agent, sheriff's deputy address "Business Email Compromise" at PHSC Spring Hill campus

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Criminals are constantly looking for ways to steal or extort money. Online is no exception, so you have to maintain your vigilance. The Greater Hernando Chamber of Commerce's Technology Committee and PHSC teamed up to bring FBI agent Andrew Sekela to speak about email attacks he is observing. The Sheriff's office provided an overview of what they are seeing locally.

County IT Services moved to Clerk / Comptroller's Office

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With some hesitation, the Board of County Commissioners voted 5-0 to approve an Interlocal Agreement to eliminate the county’s IT (Information Technology) department, and move control of IT from the County Administrator’s office to the Clerk of Court / Comptroller’s Office.

The plan is expected to save the county approximately $300,000 per year after the first year, according to County Administrator Jeff Rogers.  The reduced savings in the first year is attributed to paying out benefits and accrued time.