Practice Safe Web Browsing

One of the most common vectors for home users to have malware installed on their computers is via their web browser. It used to be enough to avoid going to sites that were of a questionable nature. Recently that changed, cybercriminals have started to use advertising served by google and yahoo to install malware on the computers. This is mostly done through vulnerabilities in flash and javascript ads.

Local Tech Company Led to Creation of Marker 48

Marker 48

About six months ago a microbrewery opened in Hernando County called Marker 48 Brewing, since that time they have held a wide variety of events. They range from a local homebrewing club, ballot petition signing parties, Hernando County Photographers Club meetings, to Theology on Tap. Theology on Tap is where a group from St. Francis Cabrini Catholic Church gets together to discuss religion and drink beer. It has become a popular place for people to gather. Along with a number of craft beers they also have a variety of food trucks on site.

Using Uber the Taxi Competitor

SPRING HILL- Uber is a simple alternative to taking a taxi, if you are good with a smart phone. You just install the Uber app on your smartphone. When you want to be picked up you activate the app and choose the Uber XL option and tell it where you would like to go. It gives you a range of what the ride would cost. It also tells you how long the driver will take to reach you.

You can accept what the Uber app says and a driver will come pick you up. If you do not feel comfortable going with the driver for some reason you can cancel at that point. You may be charged a fee.

Are smart home voice controllers a good idea?

We are rapidly approaching one of the technologies highlighted on Star Trek, you are able to talk to your house. Apple has Siri, Windows has Cortana, Amazon has Alexa, and Google has Google now. These all allow you to ask questions and receive answers.

You can ask Alexa who won the game last night between Duke and UNLV. You can inquire if it will rain sometime next week. You can ask it to list your appointments for the day. Just a few years ago, this was only seen in futuristic shows, now it is a reality.

What Hackers Want


It is important to understand what cyber criminals value, so you can take appropriate measures to stop them. The things that are valued by the criminals are not what you would expect. The dollar value of data below was provided by internet content security software company, Trend Micro. The of analysis of data was originally produced for CNBC. Trend Micro found that an Uber account ($3.78 on average) or a Netflix account ($.76 on average) was trading for significantly more than a credit card ($.20 on average) on anonymous encrypted networks known as the Dark Net.

3D Printing to Help Identify Hernando County Jane Doe

Hernando Sun Staff

3D Printer

Three dimensional printing will be used for identifying a Hernando County Jane Doe murdered in 1972 estimated to be 25-40 years old. A replica of the woman’s skull was created from scans of the original at USF’s vision center. The recreated skull will be used by a forensics team this month at USF’s Florida Institute for Forensic Anthropology and Applied Science (IFAAS) for facial reconstruction. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children as well as the Florida Sheriff’s Association will be collaborating in this process.

Paying with a Credit Card? Soon You'll Need a Pin.

Credit Card with chip

The way in which stores accept credit cards in person is about to change. If your credit card came with a little gold chip on the front you will notice. When you slide your card in person you will receive a message telling you that you must use this as an EMV chip card. This means that you will insert it into the machine and you may have to enter a pin. Much like you do with an ATM card.