Technology in Hernando

Hernando has a number of technology opportunities through education, local businesses, events and community groups. The resources available are continuing to grow whereby strengthening Hernando’s technology workforce.

There are lots of educational programs in the county, offered by PHSC and SunTech. SunTech has a Cybersecurity Associate training program as well as industry related programs in automotive, welding, HVAC and manufacturing. PHSC has a variety of technology related associate degree and certificate programs including network technologies, engineering, information technology, e-commerce security and computer programming. There are TRADE grants available for education assistance in order to help boost Florida’s technology industries.

Several IT companies support local businesses. Wilson Technologies specializes in cabling and telecommunications, while Prodigy Information Technologies provides managed IT and diagnostic imaging software.

The Hernando Chamber of Commerce has a Technology Committee whose mission statement is "To foster growth of the technology industry in Hernando County." Full disclosure I am a co-chair of the Technology Committee. We recently put on a Disaster Recovery seminar which focused on preparing your business for hurricane season. Our panel gave presentations on backups, planning, security and what to expect from emergency management.

The Tampa area has a number of larger events for technology: Bar Camp, SQL Saturday, B-Sides Tampa Bay, and hacker/makerspaces. These events are great opportunities for both technology professionals and people looking to learn more.

Bar Camp is a technology sharing event where speakers are signed up at the event and give talks based on their expertise. They have talks for getting google to love your business, getting VC financing and developing apps.

There is B-Sides Tampa Bay which is a gathering of people interested in cybersecurity. The event is put on in coordination with ISC2 which is an international cybersecurity accreditation organization, headquartered in Clearwater Florida. The large yearly event is called DEFCON. The regional events around the country are referred to as B-Sides. This is a reference to records where the main song or songs were on the A-Side and lesser known tracks are on the B-Side.

SQL stands for Structured Query Language and is used to interact with databases. Tremendous amounts of data is stored in databases and SQL is used to access and update the data. SQL Saturdays are a chance for professionals who use SQL and people who want to learn SQL to get together. There are lectures and a chance to meet SQL professionals in the area.

The Hacker and makerspaces are places to learn and create in a collaborative environment. There are several of these in the Tampa area included in several libraries and as standalone spaces. Our West Hernando Library has a Retro Lab Makerspace geared for younger creators.

The technology community in Hernando is small, but growing. We have a number of technology professionals that work remotely or in the Tampa area, but live in Hernando. There also are several local technology companies that provide services to the area residents and businesses. Our school, training centers, and colleges are producing more people with interest and knowledge of technology.

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