36th Annual Thanksgiving Bluegrass Festival

Photography by Alice Mary Herden

The Sertoma Youth Ranch is hosting their 36th Annual Thanksgiving Bluegrass Festival. It continues through today, November 28th.

The ranch is filled with campers and Bluegrass musicians as well as vendors selling their homemade crafts to fresh squeezed lemonade.
The festival originally started out country, until a promoter by the name of Steve Dittmas moved them into Bluegrass. They’ve kept those committed followers, however the game plan is to bring in the newer generation.

“It’s a good, well run festivity,” Steve Schadt said. Schadt is currently President of Sertoma Youth Ranch. “We are trying to upgrade the festival with “new grass”.

As of now, the Thanksgiving Bluegrass festival has always been a favorite for most, a place where they can camp, chill out and listen to some great bands.
You can catch the end of the Festival, Saturday November 28, 2015 and for more information visit their website at http://sertomayouthranch.org/


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