Using Uber the Taxi Competitor

SPRING HILL- Uber is a simple alternative to taking a taxi, if you are good with a smart phone. You just install the Uber app on your smartphone. When you want to be picked up you activate the app and choose the Uber XL option and tell it where you would like to go. It gives you a range of what the ride would cost. It also tells you how long the driver will take to reach you.

You can accept what the Uber app says and a driver will come pick you up. If you do not feel comfortable going with the driver for some reason you can cancel at that point. You may be charged a fee.

When the Uber driver drops you off all you have to do is figure out how much the tip will be because the costs are going to be handled by The Uber app. The price will vary depending on how long the trip took.

There are Spring Hill Uber drivers but most of them work down in Tampa because the more people, the more fares and the less they have to travel.

There are different levels of Uber. There is an Uber black level which is the luxury level, sometimes these drivers will pick up a regular fare when they are not getting any uber black fares. There is also Uber SUV for those who need more room.

All in all this is a convenient way to catch a ride.

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