If I were a wild animal...

by HANNA FOX, Age 12

If I were a wild animal I would not be any ordinary animal I’d be an animal that I would want to spend my whole life as. And that wild animal would be an animal that is fierce and strong, something high up on the food chain for sure, also an animal that is nice and beautiful. I think I would be a Bald Eagle. I have always wanted to soar higher than the tallest building in the world which is Burj Khalifa located in United Arab Emirates. I would also be the national bird of America. I would live longer than most birds and I could fly really fast.

But I would also like to be Gus the wild cat. I would lie in the grass and scan the ground for lizards fat and juicy. Once I spot one I pounce on it. Like most cats, I torture my lizard. Then lick my claws and go inside. I sprawl out on the couch and take a long nap because I was awake for 10 minutes! (That is a really long time.) Once I am awake I stroll to my dish and yell for some food. Eventually, someone comes and gives me some greenies and crunchies. Then I go back to sleep for another hour or so. Finally 7:30PM comes which is my dinnertime so I start to yell for some food. Oh by the way I only eat salmon, tuna with water, proscuitto, and caviar. Then I sit and watch tv while people pet me. Around 9:30PM, I yell to be carried to my bedroom to be put away. You probably are wondering how I am classified as a wild animal well I forgot to mention that in the morning I like to to attack passing feet for a period of 15 minutes.
These are the wild animals I would like to be.

by Patyn I.C. Rogers
Age: 8

If I could be any animal it would be a dolphin. Dolphins are pretty cool. I’d like to live like a dolphin for 5 days. I plan to be a dolphin care specialist so being a dolphin could help me find out what dolphins need to be healthy and happy. They need food to eat like fish the silvery ones they are called tuna I think. I’d like to swim and do tricks like playing ball jumping through hoops and flips in the air a friend told me that dolphins circle around you if a shark is near to protect you it be cool to save someone’s life like that if I were a dolphin I would also like to hang out and play with my dolphin friends in the very big ocean we could talk to each to each other and say eee eeek! This is the animal I would want to be.