Where the artsy types go

From furniture to jewelry, Young & Co., is satisfying consumer demand for art, design and handmade goods

Carson Young is very involved and enthusiastic about artistic endeavours.

Indulging these passions, her new store Young & Co., opened its doors recently in Brooksville hoping to attract artsy folk of all ages. Young & Co. is located on West Jefferson Street in Brooksville, Fla.
Carson with her parents, Jamie and Tom Young.

Young, 19, a Brooksvillian, graduated last year from Hernando High School. “I knew I had an aptitude for self motivation and management, as well as a true appreciation of the excitement of arts and crafts,” she said.

“So I decided to take the best of what I knew and enjoyed and, with the help of my parents, turn them into a new business."

Her mission is to bring together local artists and talented crafts people and promote their art and creations in the store.

“I think these days people want to buy items that have got a bit more character,” said Young.

Her parents, Tom and Jamie Young, and several other friends worked with Carson for several weeks to give the store interior a makeover, with the objective of making it "beautifully airy and light", and with "a really eclectic theme to reflect the trend for younger crafters and art lovers."

The store, a mere 400 sq. ft., sells a whole variety of unique art, crafts, jewelry, vintage clothing, furniture, shoes and purses and hopes to encourage young, as well as older folk, to appreciate crafting and what can be done with recycled and reusable items. The interior is thoughtfully curated, gallery-style, to complement the contemporary arts and crafts made by local artists.

“My mother and I meet so many people who create beautiful things and we like to bring their art here for others to appreciate,” said Young.

Young herself is an accomplished artist and likes to use vintage typewriters in her creations. She also writes poetry, paints, makes jewelry and is a keen photographer.
A selection of tie-dyed items including baby nesies, tea towels and children's socks made by Jamie Young of JY Tie-Dye.

Jamie Young, Carson’s mother, is talented also and hand-makes a selection of unique tie-dye items.

Tie-dying is accomplished when sections of fabric are gathered, folded or tightly tied off with string or rubber bands so that those portions won’t absorb dye, thus leaving a pattern on the colored background. Dating back thousands of year to 6th Century China and India, tie-dyed clothing enjoyed its hey-day back in the 60s but is rapidly coming back into fashion and no two items will be exactly the same. Check out the JY Tie Dye baby onesies, socks and tea towels currently for sale.

Also hugely popular with customers at the moment is a selection of handmade “hippy” bags made by a local artisan out of recycled clothes and scarves.

There’s a generous sprinkling of clothes too, from the rack of redesigned denim items at the front door entrance to a repurposed armoire full of repurposed shirts and jackets.

Whether you are looking for something for yourself or for a gift perhaps, prepare to be tempted by original works of art, prints, furniture, books, greetings cards and a large variety of sweet-smelling bath soaps, salts and bombs on display. Young & Co., also sell accessories like bracelets, chokers and scarves.
Young is a lover of vintage typewriters which she uses to complement her paintings. Items on display here are coffee cuzi's made by @landofknots.

Local businessman, Mark Browning, of Browning Insurance Agency, Inc., said, “I’m delighted to see a new business open up in downtown Brooksville. I’m her insurance agent and I just dropped in to wish her well and to say how great the store looks.”

Young & Co., is poised to become a popular source of original art, unusual street wear and recycled accessories. It’s a great place to discover modern-day artistic expressionism for a reasonable price and at the same time help to support artists to create more engaging work.


Young & Co. is
located at 12 W. Jefferson Street Brooksville, Florida

(352) 279-7650



Closed Sunday
and Monday