Ethics Policy


The Hernando Sun is an independent media company and therefore has editorial independence over our content. This ethics policy helps us to maintain our independence.


The Hernando Sun takes its ethics policy seriously and will look into breeches of the policy. All contributors to the Hernando Sun are expected to follow this policy.

Conflicts of Interest

All Hernando Sun contributors are expected to report with integrity and not be let potential personal gain influence their reporting. The Hernando Sun editor will be informed by contributors of potential conflicts of interest and will decide if an editor’s note is required.

Political and Civic Engagement

The Hernando Sun encourages our contributors to be politically and civically engaged. This involvement must not affect our objectivity while covering political events.


The Hernando Sun requires that its contributors do not plagiarize their articles.


If you suspect there has been a violation of this policy please contact our editor at 352-675-NEWS.