RESOLUTION NO. 2021-90

    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of County Commissioners of Hernando County Florida, at its duly held public hearing on June 8, 2021 at 9:00 a.m., in the County Commission Chambers, Room 160, Hernando County Administration Building, 20 North Main Street, Hernando County, Brooksville, Florida, adopted RESOLUTION NO. 2021-90 to vacate, abandon, renounce and disclaim any ownership rights of the County and public in and to the hereinafter described portion of right-of-way:

    Commencing at the Northwest Corner of Lot 1, Block 14, Townsite of Berkeley, according to the plat thereof as Recorded in Plat Book 4, Page 10 inclusive of the Public Records of Hernando County, Florida; Thence run S 00°20’43” W, along the East R/W Line of the 15.0 ft Alley, a distance of 92.74 feet to the Northwest Corner of said Parcel “B”, this point also being the Point of Beginning; Thence continue S 00°20’43” W, a distance of 256.27 feet to the Southwest Corner of Parcel “C”, this point also being a point on the Northerly Right of Way of E. 50th Street (A 50’ R/W); Thence run N 89°48’25” W, a distance of 15.00 feet; Thence run N 00°20’43” E, a distance of 256.31 feet along the West R/W Line of a Platted 15 foot Alley, recorded in Plat Book 4, Page 10, in the Public Records of Hernando County, Florida; Thence run S 89°39’01” E, a distance of 15.00 feet to the Point of Beginning.
    Containing 0.09 Acres (3,843.91 Sq. Ft.) More or Less.

    AND, said Resolution hereby renounces any right of the County and the public in and to the aforesaid land.

    Petitioner:  Family Chiropractic Center for Wellness, Inc. and Rado Corporation 

    /s/ (SEAL) 
    Douglas A. Chorvat Jr., Clerk

    Publish: June 18, 2021