Jan. 13- 19, 2023 Teacher Guide

Activities and Questions based on Jan. 13, 2023 – Jan.  19, 2023 issue

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This is intended to use as a guide to adapt to your curriculum based on the Florida standards.

Composition activity for High School: (HE.912.B.5.2 – Generate alternatives to health-related issues or problems.)

Read the article on pg. B-1 entitled “Habits to Keep you Healthy.“ Then write an essay of 400 words or more discussing the nine habits of keeping healthy.  

Critical thinking activity for High School: (ELA.9.C.1.3 – Write to argue a position, supporting claims using logical reasoning and credible evidence from multiple sources, rebutting counterclaims with relevant evidence, using a logical organizational structure, elaboration, purposeful transitions, and a tone appropriate to the task.) 

Read the article on pg. A-2 about the governor’s executive order.  Write an essay of 450 words or more about the illegal immigration issue involving Cubans and people from other Latin American countries that have been going on for the past several years. Use at least two separate resources for your research. Discuss the governor’s executive order addressing this issue.

Health activity for Middle School: (HE.6.B.6.2 – Develop an individual goal to adopt, maintain, or improve a personal health practice.)

Read the article on pg. B-8 about Braver Health’s heart challenge. Then write an essay of 350 words or more discussing the ways to improve your heart health. Choose one of those to practice over the next week, such as exercising, and keep a record of what you did each day to achieve this goal. 

Comprehension activity for Middle School: ELA.K12.EE.2.1 – Read and comprehend grade-level complex texts proficiently). 

Read the article on pg. B-5 about how CPR can save lives. Then answer the following questions in complete sentences:

  1. Give two reasons why it’s important to know CPR?
  2. What can cause cardiac arrest in young people?
  3. If you are with someone who has a cardiac arrest, what are two things you should do immediately? 
  4. What are the primary goals of the paramedics and first responders who arrive on the scene of a medical emergency?

Vocabulary & Grammar activity for Elementary  School (ELA.K.V.1.2 Ask and answer questions about unfamiliar words in grade-level content) 

Read the article on B-1 entitled “Art Show Tells Untold Stories.” Choose the best meaning for each of these words by looking at how it is used in the sentence. Also, write down what part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) the word is by how it is used in the sentence. Each part of the correct answer is worth 5 points. (5 points for figuring out the meaning & 5 points for figuring out the part of speech) If you have to find the answer in the dictionary, deduct 1 point for every answer you have to look up. 

  1. introspective: a) meeting someone new, b) looking at your own thoughts and feelings, c) inspecting something 
  2. tropical: a) an area that is hot and humid, b) relating to a particular subject, c) a type of dessert
  3. convey: a) to  drive in a group of with other vehicles, b) to commit a crime, c) to make an idea known to someone
  4. compelling: a) drawing attention or admiration to something, b) throwing something, c) participating in a competition
  5. diversity: a) a place of higher education similar to a college, b) taking away someone’s attention to something, c) a variety of ideas or objects 

Extra Credit Assignment #1: Write a sentence using a different form of the word than the one in the article. For example, if the word is an adjective like “rosy,” change it to a noun – “rose” and then use that word in an original sentence.  

Extra Credit Assignment #2: Write one to three paragraphs (or more) using this week’s vocabulary words or a form of the word. You can use as many or as few of the words as you like; however, your paragraphs must make sense. In other words, don’t just write sentences that don’t go together to discuss a topic or create a story. 

  Comprehension activity for Elementary School: (ELA.K12.EE.3. – Make inferences to support comprehension) 

Read the article on page B-10 entitled “Spreading Love through Books” and answer the following questions in complete sentences: 

  1. Why do you think the students participated in this project?
  2. What benefit do the children who receive the books get out of this project?
  3. What benefit do the students get from participating in this project?
  4. How do the parents get involved in the project?    

Anyone wishing to submit any of your compositions from this week to the newspaper for us to consider publishing, please email to [email protected]. Be sure and include your name, age, grade level and school that you attend. Submission is not a guarantee that your work will be published. Submissions may be edited due to space restrictions.