Jan. 19-25, 2024 Teacher Guide

Activities and Questions based on the Jan. 19, 2024 – Jan. 26, 2024 issue
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History activity for High School: (SS.912.W.1.6) Evaluate the role of history in shaping identity and character.
Read the article on page B-8 about Catherine the Great. Write a 400-word essay based on the article about how Catherine the Great evolved from a young Prussian girl married to a czar to an important ruler in her own right. Use at least one outside source for your article and identify that source.
Extra Credit Assignment: Watch any of the movies or TV series (at least one episode) or read reviews or synopses of these movies or TV shows and describe two or more differences between what is in the movie/TV series and what really took place. Your essay should be at least 300 words.

Science activity for High School: (SC.912.E.6.4) Analyze how specific geologic processes and features are expressed in Florida and elsewhere.
Read the article on page B1 about the Brooksville Ridge Caves. Write an essay of 400 words or more expanding on Dames Cave and discussing one other cave in Florida. Explain how and when these caves were formed and how people have affected the structure and qualities of these caves.

Comprehension activity for Middle School: (ELA.6.V.1.3) Read and comprehend grade-level complex texts proficiently.
Read the article on pg. B-8 about the beautification of Hernando Beach, then answer the following questions in complete sentences:
What were the two purposes of the banners on Hernando Beach?
How will local artists benefit?
Who applied for the grant and how much was the grant used to fund this project?
What three organizations cooperated in the project? Don’t use abbreviations.
Give two reasons why members of the Hernando County Fine Arts Council think that the banners are a “cool” idea.
Who donated the prints for the banners?
How many banners were unveiled on the first day?
What (materials did Diane Ziemski use to create her prints?
What was depicted on the banner that Steve Benevides created?
What type of print did Brian Kelly create for the project?

Composition activity for Middle School: (ELA.6.R.2.2) ELA.6.C.3.1 Follow the rules of standard English grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling appropriate to grade level.
Read the article on page B-7 entitled “Historical Events in January.” Then write an essay of 400 words or more about one of the historical figures mentioned in the article, either Solomon Northrup or Queen Liluokalani. You may include some information that’s in the article, but most of your information needs to come from outside sources. Use at least two outside sources an cite ( write down) in your essay the source (for example, the URL and title of the article or the name of the book).

Math activity for Elementary School (MA.3.AR.1.2) Solve one and two-step real-world problems involving any of four operations with whole numbers.)
Study the Calendar of Events on page B-2 and answer the following questions:
How many more nature activities are there than theatre activities are there?
What percentage of activities are health-related?
How many activities involve food and how many educational activities are there all together?
What percentage of activities are sponsored by the libraries?

Composition activity for Elementary School: (ELA.10.C.3.1) Follow the rules of standard English grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling appropriate to grade level.) Read the article on page B-5 about Valentine’s Day celebrations around the world. Then write an essay of at least 300 words on either of these subjects: 1) The history of Valentine’s Day or 2) Other ways in which countries around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day or something similar. Do not use the ones mentioned in the article.

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