May 5-11, 2023 Teacher Guide

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Activities and Questions based on May 5, 2023 – May 11, 2023 issue

Teachers, homeschool parents, and students, if you have any suggestions or ideas for these teacher guides, please email Sarah Nachin – at [email protected]  

This is intended to use as a guide to adapt to your curriculum based on the Florida standards.

Composition activity for High School: ELA.12.C.4.1 Conduct research on a topical issue to answer a question and synthesize information from a variety of sources.

Read the article on pg. A-2 entitled “Measure will let DeSantis run for President and stay as Governor.” Write an essay of at least 300 words discussing the pros and cons of this measure. Consult multiple sources to discuss how other states have handled this situation.

Critical thinking activity for High School: (ELA.12.C.1.3 Write arguments to support claims based on an in-depth analysis of topics or texts using valid reasoning and credible evidence from sources, elaboration, and demonstrating a thorough understanding of the subject.

Read the editorial on pg. A-10 entitled “Delinquency is Delinquency.” Do you agree or disagree with the writer? Consult at least two sources to back up your belief. Your essay should be at least 400  words.  

Comprehension activity for Middle School: (ELA.K12.EE.2.1 – Read and comprehend grade-level complex texts proficiently). 

Read the article on a-1 about the Honor Flight. Then answer the following questions in complete sentences: 

  1. Why was the Honor Flight program started?
  2. Who were two of the local veterans that went on the flight?
  3. Who is Stephen Katz? 
  4. What type of aircraft did the veterans fly in? 
  5. What is a Buffalo Soldier?
  6. Why is each veteran accompanied by a “guardian?”
  7. Name three places that the veterans toured that day.
  8. How many Honor Flight hubs are there in the United States?
  9. How is the Honor Flight organization funded?
  10.  Who is Jesse Waldman, and what did he do in the Honor Flight?  

Composition activity for Middle School (ELA.6.C.3.1 Follow the rules of standard English grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling appropriate to grade level.)

Read the article on pg. B-1 entitled “Battle of Boston 1775 reenactment at fairgrounds.” Summarize the article in your own words. Be sure to include the main points of the article. Your essay should be at least 200 words. 

Extra Credit: Research the Battle of Boston and then write an essay of 300 words or more about this event. It should include when and where it took place, why the battle take place, and who won the battle.   

Vocabulary & Grammar activity for Elementary  School (ELA.K.V.1.2 Ask and answer questions about unfamiliar words in grade-level content)

Read the article on pg. B-3 about the Blueberry Festival. Define the following words as they are used in the article. Also, write down what part of speech the word is (noun, adjective, etc.). Write a sentence of your own using each word: 

  1. refurbishment
  2. azure
  3. deter
  4. macramé
  5. campaign
  6. render
  7. campaign
  8. sashay (the word in the article is “sashayed.”)
  9. top-notch
  10. roster 

Math activity for Elementary School:  (MA.K12.MTR.7.1 Apply mathematics to real-world contexts.) 

Study the Calendar of Events on page B-2 and B-3. Then calculate the answers to the following questions: 

  1. What percentage of all the activities concern theater and plays?
  2. How many more events are taking place outdoors than reading activities?
  3. How many activities involving art and involving food are there altogether?
  4. How many more reading activities than bingo activities are there?
  5. What percentage of activities are geared toward veterans?  

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