Nov. 10-16, 2023 Teacher Guide

Activities and Questions based on the Nov. 10, 2023 – Nov. 16, 2023 issue

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Teachers, homeschool parents and students, if you have any suggestion or ideas for these teacher guides please email Sarah Nachin – [email protected]  This guide is based on the newest Florida Standards for grade school through high school.

Social Studies activity for High School: (SS.912.A.6) Understand the causes and course of World War II, the character of the war at home and abroad, and its reshaping of the United States role in the post-war world.  
Read the article on pg. B-1 and B-8 about Roy Caldwood. Then write an essay of 450 words or more about the “Buffalo Soldiers” of World War II. Include such topics as how and why the unit was formed, what important feats they accomplished or battles they won and the reaction of their fellow soldiers and/or the public to these accomplishments. Cite at least two resources for your information.

Critical thinking activity for High School: (ELA.12.C.1.3) Write arguments to support claims based on an in-depth analysis of topics or texts using valid reasoning and credible evidence from sources, elaboration, and demonstrating a thorough understanding of the subject.
Read the article on pg. A-3 about the Freedom Summit. In a 450 word essay, discuss the political viewpoints and platforms of two of the following candidates for the Republican nomination for president: Donald Trump, Chris Christie, Ron DeSantis, Nickki Haley, Tim Scott. If the election were held today who would you vote for and why or would you vote for someone not on this list. If so, give your reasons.

Composition activity for Middle School: (ELA.6.C.1.4) Write expository texts to explain and/or analyze information from multiple sources, using a logical organizational structure, relevant elaboration, and varied transitions.
Read the article on pg. B-11 about Mary Peter.  Then write a 400 word essay on the importance of service dogs in helping veterans and other people with Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD). Use at least two outside resources and cite the book, newspaper,  or website where you found your information. 

Vocabulary activity for Middle School: (ELA.6.V.1.3) Use context clues, figurative language, word relationships, reference materials, and/or background knowledge to determine the meaning of multiple-meaning and unknown words and phrases, appropriate to grade level.
Read the article on pg. B-9 entitled “Painting their Patriotism.” Define the following words as they are used in the article by using the context of the word, if possible. Also write down what part of speech each word is. Then write a story or non-fiction essay of at least 300 words using at least five of the words below. Extra points if you use more than five.

Social Studies activity for Elementary School: SS.1.A.2.3 Identify celebrations and national holidays as a way of remembering and honoring the heroism and achievements of the people, events, and our nation’s ethnic heritage.
Read these two articles on page B-5: “An American Hero 1947 – 2023” and “Lt. Col. Franklin A. Harrison United States Air Force.”  Then write an essay of 300 words or more with the title “Why Veterans’ Day is Important.” Relate your essay to the  two veterans mentioned in these articles 

Composition activity for Elementary School: (ELA.10.C.3.1) Follow the rules of standard English grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling appropriate to grade level.)
Read the article on pg. B-9 entitled “Painting Their Patriotism.” Then write an essay of 300 words or more on the topic of why it’s important to volunteer for worthy causes, even if you’re only seven years old. If you have volunteered for a project (perhaps at your church, in your neighborhood, or at school) mention what it was and what you gained from helping out.    
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