Oct. 14-20, 2022 Teacher Guide

Activities and Questions based on the October 14, 2022 – Oct. 20, 2022 issue
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Critical thinking activity for High School: (SS.912.C.2 – Evaluate the roles, rights, and responsibilities of United States citizens and determine methods of active participation in society, government, and the political system.)
Read the biographies of the four candidates running for Florida House of Representatives. In an essay compare and contrast the views and platforms of these candidates. Then explain who you would vote for in the District 52 race and who you would vote for in the District 53 race. Give two reasons for your answers in both cases. Your essay should be at least 500 words.

Composition activity for High School: (ELA.11.C.1.2 – Write complex narratives using appropriate techniques to establish multiple perspectives.)
Read the article on pg. A-1 entitled more than a hurricane tourist. Write an essay or short story about Hurricane Ian from one of these perspectives: someone who experienced the hurricane, a first responder who helped to evacuate people or rescue people after the hurricane, a newscaster or journalist covering the hurricane or someone who witnessed the hurricane from a distance. Describe his or her feelings before and during the storm, what their actions were and what their feelings were afterwards. You can write from first person or third person perspective. Your essay or story should be at least 450 words. If you quote something from any resource be sure it’s not more than one or two sentences and put quotation marks around the sentences. Also note where you got your information (the website address or the name of the article or book).

Math activity for Elementary School (MA.3.M.1 – Measure attributes of objects and solve problems involving measurement)
Study the following advertisements. Then answer the following questions for each ad.
Shuayb Dental (page B-1); Accent Insurance (pg. B-3); Hernando Sportsman’s Club (pg. B-2)
What is the width (side to side) and the length (top to bottom) of the ad?
What is the perimeter of the ad? (For perimeter add the length and width of the sides)
What is the area of the ad? (For area multiply the length times the width)
What is the difference between the width of Dr. Shuayb’s ad and the Accent Insurance ad?
What is the difference between the length of the Accent Insurance ad and the Hernando Sportsman’s Club ad?
What is the difference in the perimeter of Dr. Shuayb’s and Hernando sportsman’s ad?
What is the difference in area between Dr. Shuayb’s and Accent Insurance’s ad?

Science activity for Elementary School: (SC.4.E.5.2 – Describe the changes in the observable shape of the moon over the course of about a month)
Read the article on page B-4 entitled “October Skies.” Summarize the article in your own words. Make sure you include all the important points. Your summary should be at least 175 words. Then go to the following website: Sky This Month September 2022 | Astronomy.com and read about what the sky looked like last month. Write a short summary of the article discussing just the important points. Your summary should be at least 200 words. Most of it should be in your own words. If you quote something word for word, make sure that you put it in quotation marks.

Vocabulary activity for Middle School: (ELA.6.V.1.3 – Use context clues, figurative language, word relationships, reference materials, and/or background knowledge to determine the meaning of multiple-meaning and unknown words and phrases, appropriate to grade level.)
Read the article on pg. A-1 entitled “We’ve Come a Long Way.” Write a short definition or synonym for the following words by the way they are used in the sentence. Each correct answer is worth 5 points. If you have to look it up in the dictionary deduct 1 point for every answer you have to look up.
facility (the word in the article is “facilities.)

Extra Credit Assignment #1: Write a sentence using a different form of the word than the one in the article. For example, if the word is an adjective like “rosy,” change it to a noun – “rose” and then use that word in an original sentence.
Extra Credit Assignment #2: Write one to three paragraphs (or more) using this week’s vocabulary words or a form of the word. You can use as many or as few of the words as you like; however, your paragraphs must make sense. In other words don’t just write sentences that don’t go together to discuss a topic or create a story.

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