Sept. 9-15, 2022 Teacher Guide

Activities and Questions based on Sept. 9, 2022 – Sept 15, 2022 issue
This year we are going to be relating many of the assignments to the Florida Dept. of Education Curriculum Standards. In those cases, at the beginning of the lesson we will list the standard number and what that standard is.
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Composition activity for Elementary School: (ELA.3.C.1.4 – Write expository texts about a topic, using one or more sources, providing an introduction, facts and details, some elaboration, transitions, and a conclusion.)
Read the article entitled “Bats Aren’t Birds” on pg. B1. Write down the main idea of the article and 3 important ideas that the author brings up. Then write down what his conclusion is. Next write an essay about an animal of your choice. The first paragraph should state your main idea or topic (what you most want your reader to learn), and 2 sentences to expand on your main idea. In your second paragraph, you’ll write at least two sentences giving examples of what this animal does or where it lives. In your third paragraph, you’ll write at least two sentences stating your conclusion. If you quote something from any resource be sure it’s not more than one or two sentences and put quotation marks around the sentences. Also, note where you got your information (the website address or the name of the article or book).

Math activity for Elementary School (MA.3.AR.1.2 – Solve one and two-step real-world problems involving any of four operations with whole numbers.)
Look at the following ads in the paper and solve the problems
On pg. B-3 Shuayb Dental has a ½-page ad. If it costs the doctor $350 to run that ad one time, how much does it cost him if he runs that ad 3 times?
If the newspaper gives Dr. Shuayb a 20% discount on each ad if she runs the ad for 6 weeks, what is her total cost for all six weeks?
Look at the ads for Mr. Electric on pg. B-6 and for Wilson Technology on pg. B-7. If Wilson Technology is a ½-page ad and it costs $350 and Mr. Electric’s ad is ¼ the size of Wilson Technology’s ad, how much will Wilson Technology’s ad cost?
What would be the total difference in the cost of the two companies’ ads if both companies ran their ad for two weeks?

Comprehension activity for Middle School: (ELA.K12.EE.2.1 – Read and comprehend grade-level complex texts proficiently)
Read the article on page A-1 about fentanyl. Then answer the following questions in complete sentences:
According to Ms. Anne Milgram, who is responsible for the trafficking of fentanyl?
What methods do drug dealers use to sell fentanyl and other illegal substances?
What federal agency is responsible for trying to stop the sale of illegal substances and making sure the laws are obeyed?
What is “rainbow fentanyl” manufactured to look like?
Why do you think this makes the drug especially dangerous?
What is considered to be a lethal dose of fentanyl?
What should you do if you come in contact with fentanyl or any other illegal drug?
What is the Florida Attorney General doing to help parents protect their children from illegal drugs?

Vocabulary activity for Middle School: (ELA.8.V.1.1 – Integrate academic vocabulary appropriate to grade level in speaking and writing.)
Read the article on pg. B-1 about the Springstead High School murals. Define the following words as they are used in the article. Also, write down what part of speech the word is (noun, adjective, etc.). Write a sentence of your own using each word:
generate (The word in the article is “generated.”)

Composition activity for High School:
Read the article on pg. A-1 about Brian Hawkins. Write a 200-word essay on how the write-in candidate influenced the election process and whether or not you feel it was fair.
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