Teacher and Parent Guide to Hernando Sun Oct. 6-12, 2023

Activities and Questions based on the Oct. 6, 2023 – Oct. 12, 2023 issue

Teachers, homeschool parents and students, if you have any suggestions or ideas for these teacher guides, please email Sarah Nachin – [email protected] This guide is based on the newest Florida Standards for grade school through high school.

Social Studies Activity for High School: (SS.912.W.7.11) Describe the effects of World War II.
Read the article on page A-1 about the death of the airman in Brooksville. Then research the impact that the war had on Hernando County in terms of the men who were drafted or volunteered to go to war, how the economy of the county changed during the war, how the families dealt with their sons going off to war, etc. You can use the following links as resources; https://www.hernandosun.com/2020/12/07/hernando-county-reacts-day-infamy/ ; https://www.hernandosun.com/2020/11/06/newspapers-window-past-nov-9-1944-brooksville-journal/

Extra Credit: Read the article at the following link: https://www.hernandosun.com/2021/11/08/a-voice-from-the-past/. Then, write a short story as if you were a young man getting ready to be sent overseas to fight, or even a young woman being sent to a combat zone in the Middle East. What are your thoughts, feelings and fears? Your story should be at least 500 words.

Critical Thinking activity for High School: (SS.912.CG.3.3) Analyze the structures, functions, and processes of the legislative branch as described in Article I of the U.S. Constitution.
Read the article on page A-2 about the vote in Congress to oust Speaker of the House McCarthy. Explain in an essay of 400 words or more how this power of the House to get rid of a speaker corresponds to the powers of Congress as described in Article 1, Section 2 of the Constitution. Use at least two resources to explain this power and explain why this is a historic event.

Comprehension activity for Middle School: ELA.6.V.1.3 Read and comprehend grade-level complex texts proficiently.
Read the article on page A-1 entitled “Hernando Sun Goes to Washington.” Then answer the following questions in complete sentences.
Why did the Maglios go to Washington, D.C.?
What congressional official did they meet with?
What are two ideas that the Maglios gained from the conference?
What are the effects when local newspapers are bought out by larger corporate papers?
Why was Max Heath important to the Hernando Sun?
What made the trip to Washington D.C. especially interesting?
What painting of local interest hangs in the Capitol Rotunda?
What does NNA stand for?
What businesses are part of the NNA?

Science Activity for Middle School: (SC.7.L.17.3) Describe and investigate various limiting factors in the local ecosystem and their impact on native populations, including food, shelter, water, space, disease, parasitism, predation, and nesting sites.
Read the article on page B-1 about the interview with Leslie Neumann. Then, write an essay of at least 375 words explaining the importance of our coastal ecosystem to the people and wildlife of Hernando County and why it’s important to preserve our ecosystem. Use at least two outside resources for your information and cite the website or book where you found your information.

Vocabulary Activity for Elementary School: (ELA.2.V.1.3) Identify and use context clues, word relationships, reference materials, and/or background knowledge to determine the meaning of unknown words.
Read the article on page B-3 entitled “Mini-Mural Unveiling and Multi-Cultural Parade.” Define the following words as they are used in the article by using the context of the word, if possible. Also, write down what part of speech each word is.
merge (the word in the article is “merging”)
transcend (the word in the article is “transcending”)

Math Activity for Elementary School: (MA.4.M.1.2) Convert within a single system of measurement using the units: yards, feet, inches; kilometers, meters, centimeters, millimeters; pounds, ounces; kilograms, grams; gallons, quarts, pints, cups; liter, milliliter; and hours, minutes, seconds.
Study the following ads and answer the questions about the measurements of each ad in inches and millimeters.
Schuayb Dental (pg. A-3): Give the length and width of the ad in inches and in centimeters.
Killingsworth Agency (Pg. A-4): Calculate the perimeter of the ad in inches and centimeters.
Accent Insurance (Pg. A-7): Calculate the area in square inches and in square centimeters.
Dana’s Railroad Supply (Pg. B-2) Give the length and width in inches and in millimeters.
Vet Fest (Pg. B-7) Calculate the perimeter of the ad in inches and centimeters.

Anyone wishing to submit any of your compositions from this week to the newspaper for us to consider publishing, please email to [email protected]. Be sure to include your name, age, grade level and school that you attend.