Teacher Guide April 21-27, 2023

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Activities and Questions based on Apr. 21- 27, 2023 issue

Teachers, homeschool parents, and students, if you have any suggestions or ideas for these teacher guides, please email Sarah Nachin – [email protected]  

This is intended to use as a guide to adapt to your curriculum based on the Florida standards.

Composition activity for High School: (ELA.10.V.1.1 Integrate academic vocabulary appropriate to grade level in speaking and writing.)

Read the article on pg. A-2 about the State Supreme Court Justice candidates. Write an essay of 400 words or more about one of these candidates. Use at least one internet resource, and be sure to put in the URL for that source.  

Critical thinking activity for High School: (ELA.9.C.4.1 – Conduct research to answer a question, drawing on multiple reliable and valid sources and refining the scope of the question to align with findings.)

Read the article on pg. A-9 about vessels on the Weeki Wachee River. Then write an essay of 400 words or more stating whether or not you agree with these restrictions and why. Cite at least two sources for your information.   

Composition activity for Middle School: (ELA.6.R.2.2 – Analyze the central idea(s), implied or explicit, and its development throughout a text.)

Read the article on pg. A-1 about the new bus stop in Brooksville. Summarize the article in 300 words or more, stating the central idea or ideas and how the writer developed those ideas. 

Comprehension activity for Middle School: (ELA.K12.EE.2.1 – Read and comprehend grade-level complex texts proficiently). 

Read the article on page B-3 about the Historic Hernando Preservation Society. Answer the following questions in complete sentences:

    1. Why are many historic homes in Brooksville still standing after more than 100 years?
    2. When was the Historic Hernando Preservation Society founded?
    3. Why does the Preservation Society feel it’s important to learn about the past?
    4. What event will take place on Saturday, April 22? 
    5. What is the mission of the Preservation Society?
    6. When does the Preservation Society put up the historic markers?
    7. What is the purpose of these markers?
  • Name three other tourist attractions that the article mentions. 

Vocabulary & Grammar activity for Elementary  School (ELA.K.V.1.2 Ask and answer questions about unfamiliar words in grade-level content)

Read the article on pg. B-4 about the Operation Kindness yard sale. Define the following words as they are used in the article. Also, write down what part of speech the word is (noun, adjective, etc.). Write a sentence of your own using each word: 

  1. motivation
  2. devoted
  3. plight
  4. sentimental
  5. silhouette
  6. enhance
  7. centennial
  8. enrichment
  9. beneficial
  10.   fixture

Extra Credit Assignment #1: Write a sentence using a different form of the word than the one in the article. For example, if the word in the article is an adjective like “rosy,” change it to a noun – “rose” and then use that word in an original sentence.  

Extra Credit Assignment #2: Write one to three paragraphs (or more) using this week’s vocabulary words or a form of the word. You can use as many or as few of the words as you like; however, your paragraphs must make sense. In other words, don’t just write sentences that don’t go together to discuss a topic or create a story. 

English Language Arts activity for Elementary School: (ELA.2.R.2.2 – Identify the topic of and relevant details in a text.)

Read the article on pg. B-9 about the environmental center cleanup. Summarize the article in 200 words or more. Make sure you retell it in your own words with only the important details include. In one or two sentences, explain what the main idea of the article is. 

 Anyone wishing to submit any of your compositions from this week to the newspaper for us to consider publishing, please email [email protected]. Be sure and include your name, age, grade level, and school that you attend.