Teacher Guide April 7-13, 2023

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Activities and Questions based on Apr. 7- 13, 2023 issue

Teachers, homeschool parents, and students, if you have any suggestions or ideas for these teacher guides, please email Sarah Nachin – [email protected]  

This is intended to use as a guide to adapt to your curriculum based on the Florida standards.

Composition activity for High School: (ELA.10.V.1.1 Integrate academic vocabulary appropriate to grade level in speaking and writing.)

Read the article on pg. A-1 about the population growth in Hernando County. Write an essay of 450 words or more tracing the growth of the county since 2000. Highlight the causes of this growth and its effects.  

Critical thinking activity for High School: (ELA.9.C.4.1 – Conduct research to answer a question, drawing on multiple reliable and valid sources and refining the scope of the question to align with findings.)

Read the article on page A-2 about the new law regarding concealed weapons. In an essay of 450 words or more discuss the pros and cons of this new law. What is your opinion of the law, and why do you feel that way? Cite at least two sources for your information.   

Composition activity for Middle School: (ELA.6.R.2.2 – Analyze the central idea(s), implied or explicit, and its development throughout a text.)

Read the article on page A-1 about the 50th-anniversary celebration at Pasco Hernando State College. Summarize the article in 350 words or more, stating the central idea or ideas and how the writer developed those ideas. 

English Language Arts activity for Elementary School: (ELA.2.R.2.2 – Identify the topic of and relevant details in a text.)

Read the article on page B-12 about the Chocachatti play. Summarize the article in 300 words or more. Make sure you retell it in your own words. In one or two sentences explain what the main idea of the article is. 

Composition activity for Elementary School:  (ELA.10.C.3.1 Follow the rules of standard English grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling appropriate to grade level.)

Read either of the articles on pg. B-1 about Easter. Then write an essay of 300 words or more telling about your favorite Easter activities. If you don’t celebrate Easter, write about another holiday and your favorite activities for that holiday.   

 Anyone wishing to submit any of your compositions from this week to the newspaper for us to consider publishing, please email to [email protected]. Be sure and include your name, age, grade level, and school that you attend.