Teacher Guide Oct. 20-26, 2023

Activities and Questions based on the Oct. 20, 2023 – Oct. 26, 2023 issue

Teachers, homeschool parents and students, if you have any suggestions or ideas for these teacher guides, please email Sarah Nachin at [email protected] This guide is based on the newest Florida Standards for grade school through high school.

Psychology Activity for High School: (SS.912.P.19.5) Identify ways to promote mental health and physical fitness.

Read the article on pages A-1 and A-7 on the mental health summit at PHSC. Summarize what took place at this summit. Include the ideas brought up by the following groups or individuals: Student Life department at PHSC, the ministers and Dr. Linda Chamberlain. Then write an essay of at least 450 words describing how each of these organizations promotes mental health: National Alliance on Mental Illness –NAMI (https://namihernando.org/), BayCare Behavioral Health (https://baycare.org/specialties-and-treatments/behavioral-health,) Growth and Recovery Counseling (https://www.growrecover.com/)

Geography activity for High School: (SS.912.G.2.1) Identify the physical characteristics and the human characteristics that define and differentiate regions.

Read the article on page A-2 about Florida helping the Israeli war effort and the column on page A-11 written by “Bruddah Hank.” Then, write an essay of 400 words or more describing these two aspects of geography – the differences and similarities between the physical geography of Israel and that of Palestine, including the size of the two territories, the physical aspects of the two territories (terrain, etc.) and the cultural/religious differences of the two groups of people that make up the majority in each of these territories.

Science Activity for Middle School: (SC.8.E.5.10) Assess how technology is essential to science for such purposes as access to outer space and other remote locations, sample collection, measurement, data collection and storage, computation, and communication of information.

Read the article on A-1 and A-4 about the NASA rocket. Write an essay of 350 words or more describing how the technology of our spacecraft has changed and improved over the last 60 years.
You can consult the following websites in your research:

The Evolution of Space Technology


Comprehension Activity for Middle School: (ELA.K12.EE.2.1) Read and comprehend grade-level complex texts proficiently.

Read the article on pages B-1 and B-6 about the wildlife mural. Answer the following questions in complete sentences:
Whose idea was it to have the mural painted and what organization does that person work for?
What is the purpose of the mural?
Who painted the mural?
How did the city of Brooksville come up with the money for the mural?
What group had to approve the design of the mural?
Name three reasons why tourists come to Florida.
What’s the difference between a “protected corridor” and a “corridor opportunity?”
What is the mission of the Community Foundation Tampa Bay?

Vocabulary Activity for Elementary School: (ELA.5.V.1.3) Use context clues, figurative language, word relationships, reference materials, and/or background knowledge to determine the meaning of multiple-meaning and unknown words and phrases appropriate to grade level.

Read the article on pages B-1 and B-6 about the wildlife mural. Define the meaning or find a synonym for each of the following words without using a dictionary (if possible). Use the context of the word to help you. Also, write down the part of speech of each word:
dignitary (the word in the article is “dignitaries”)
depict (the word in the article is “depicts”)
designate (the word in the article is “designated”)

Composition Activity for Elementary School: (ELA.10.C.3.1) Follow the rules of standard English grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling appropriate to grade level.

Read the article on page B-11 about Katie Power. Then, summarize the article in your own words. Your summary should be at least 250 words.

Anyone wishing to submit any of your compositions from this week to the newspaper for us to consider publishing, please email [email protected]. Be sure to include your name, age, grade level, and school that you attend.