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Bleacher Talk Play by Play: Hernando High takes on Ridgewood in district playoff

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The field is groomed for the second game to take place today May 1, 2018 at Nature Coast High School for the District games. Hernando High School and Ridgewood High School will battle it out today for the win. Both teams were waiting patiently to start their game. Hernando will take the field first. Let’s Play Ball!!!!

Top of the 1st inning

Ridgewood batter Erik Scott is the first to step up to the plate, and was walked to first. Tucker Hauschen steps up. During Hauschen’s time at bat, Scott steals second. HHS catcher throws to second to get Scott out but was safe. Scott stole third, HHS catcher again tried to pick off Scott at third, ball miss and Scott came home for the first run. Hauschen’s fly ball is out in left field. Nathan Gardner hits a fly to right field and thrown to first. Brian Greenberg drives it straight to HHS pitcher throws were made and HHS took down 2 runners. Tyler Sterbens sends a pop up to right field and it was caught making it 3 outs.

Bottom of 1st

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Carson Lashley HHS pitcher will bat first, Lashley hits to center and is safe on first base.  HHS #7 pops a ball over pitcher and is safe on first. HHS have runners on first and second base. Connor Morgan steps up to the plate, crowd goes crazy shouting SEEYA !!! Connor gives the Leopards 3 runs. Connor runs the bases hits home plate looks to the sky and thanks God. Next up is Austin Legg who line drives to left field. David Hale Bronson steps up to the plate. Batter’s gloves are not holding Bronson back from getting a base hit either, work gloves work just as good and is safe on first.  Dylan Black hits fly to center and advances runner to second. Black is safe on first. Marin Aske strikes out.

Top of 2nd

Ian Provenzano hits a fly out to center and it’s caught. Must have blinked cause I missed who made the second out. Jarod Lyon tipped catcher throws out on first.

Bottom of 2nd

Number 28 drives ball down third.  Third baseman fumbles around ball and runner is safe on first.  Number 28 steals second and third bases. Bad pitch makes Ridgewood catcher chase for the ball and the fourth run comes in. Back to the top of line up Carson Lashley hits grounder to shortstop and is thrown out on first. Number 7 hits to left for a base hit. Number 7 steals second base. Connor Morgan hits and is thrown out on first. Austin Legg hits a drive down center just out of reach of pitcher, run 5 comes in. David Hale Bronson hits a hopping ball straight to pitcher and is thrown out at first making the third out.

Top of 3rd

Ridgewood Erik Scott is the first up this inning, who hits one to the shortstop and is thrown out on first. Tucker Hauschen hits a fly out to left and it’s caught, out 2. Jorgie Febus gets a base hit, Nathan Gardner grounds to second base and is thrown out for the Rams third out.

Bottom of 3rd

Dylan Black slams a long fly out to left field and it’s caught. I believe the wind kept it in from being over the fence. Marin Aske walked to first. Austin Galda struck out as Aske stole second. Number 28 up to plate and drives it right down first base line and is safe. Ridgewood Pitcher bulked and Aske advances to third. Also Number 28 steals second. Carson Lashley gets a base hit and subbed with Seth Haliday as runner. Connor Morgan drives the ball down center and two runs come in. Austin Legg drove out to left field and was dropped. David Hale Bronson was walked, HHS has runners on second and third with 2 outs. Dylan Black steps up to the plate and flies out in left field for the third out.

Top of 4th

Brian Greenberg bounces a grounder to third and is thrown out on first. Tyler Sterbens walked. Sterbens stole second base due to bad pitch. Ian Provenzano hit a drive to shortstop who throws runner out. Carson Bierworth base hit to right field runners on first and second. Davie Dubiel walked, bases are loaded with 2 outs. Erik Scott grounder to third was thrown out on first for the third out.

Bottom of 4th

It was a 3 up 3 out inning for the Leopards. Marin Aske, Austin Galda and Number 28 all went down swinging.

Top of 5th

Tucker Hauschen walked to first. Jorgie Febus flew out in right field. Nathan Gardner pop up behind first and HHS second baseman caught it making it 2 outs. A hit was driven down third and third baseman bobbled but still threw out runner on first to make it 3 outs.

Bottom of 5th

HHS back up to plate with top of line up Carson Lashley. Lashley was walked to first.  Lashley was subbed with runner Seth Haliday. Number 7 walked and HHS has Haliday on second and  Number 7 on first. Connor Morgan walks up to the plate and drives it to left field, run number 10 comes in for the Leopards. Austin Legg’s fly is out in left field. Ridgewood left fielder throws home and runner is out. David Hale Bronson’s fly ball is out.

Top of 6th

Tyler Sterbens starts inning off with a base hit. Ian Provenzano pops to shortstop- it’s caught then directed to first base for the out and double play. Carson Bierworth strikes out for the third out.

Bottom of 6th

HHS is facing a new pitcher Samuel Caez-Pagan. William Garland is the first to face new pitcher and is walked to first. Marin Aske strikes out. Austin Galda’s fly ball is out in left field. Number 28 drives to shortstop and Garland is thrown out on second.  HHS relieves catcher with Javy Conilla.

Top of 7th

Erik Scott drives to shortstop and the throw to first was just not quick enough- Scott is safe. Tucker Hauschen gets a base hit grounder to left field. HHS caught runner between second and third. Chased him down for the first out. Jorgie Febus gets a base hit down third and is thrown out on first for the second out. Nathan Gardner struck out for the third out.  Game Over!!

HHS takes the win, with 10 to 1. Hernando Leopards go to the next round.

Note: Apologies for omitting HHS players Number 7 and Number 28 names as they were not on MaxPreps roster.


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