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Airborne Cinematographer David Alan Arnold made his start in Hernando County

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Hernando County has produced a number of great people who have gone on to do great things.

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Airborne Cinematographer David Alan Arnold started out in Hernando County, graduating from Hernando High in 1990.

He went on to become an Airborne Cinematographer for major television events including The Amazing Race, The World Series and Survivor. He even won an Emmy for his work with the Deadliest Catch.

He started his Hollywood career with a broom in his hand. He rose from there to become a ‘goto’  Airborne Cinematographer. David tells this tale and others in his new book.

On May 22, 2018, David released a book entitled “Help From Above,” which chronicles his fight against organized crime. He puts his aerial photography skills to use giving back to the community. The book is available on Amazon by searching for “Help From Above: How I went from Sweeping the Floor to Painting the Sky (Volume 1)”

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In addition to writing books David also makes documentaries. His latest Documentary is Sky Falling (coming soon) and features 8K Cinematography.




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